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Junk in your trunk?

Updated on March 15, 2012

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my tips

In response to the question how to get children to eat more healthy and to eat less junk foods;

First of all I think the best way to get your kid or kids into having a more of a healthy diet rather than bad junk eating habits is by example. With my kids I always try to practice what I preach especially when they are looking and observing, this way they can never ever say, “You do it”. It just makes things easier for me. Therefore when I tell them I don’t like McDonald’s or Jack in the Box I tell them because of the unhealthy and fattening foods they sell, and I don’t ever eat at those places. I believe because of the fast food trend going on these days is one of the main reasons children are becoming diabetic at a young age and or over weight.

Secondly I try to cook most of the time in our home but, I don’t make the same things, I try making new dishes but that are healthy with different natural flavors and spices with a lot of vegetables that are colorful so it looks fun to eat. Once in a while I will take them out to a restaurant but I still try to keep it as healthy as possible. Also for snacks I cut up different fruits especially the ones’ they like most, like strawberries and bananas that I usually mix with some granola crumbs and low fat yogurt. With fruits like watermelon or even cucumbers I squeeze some lemon juice (real lemon juice) and sprinkle a little chili powder, oh and they love this too.

Another thing that I do is get them involved in preparing or help making the simple dishes and this gets them excited to want to try something they participated in making. There are many ways to get your kids to eat healthy foods you just have use your imagination and make it fun to eat, I presume. Sometimes I even will just tell them the things that are in the junk food versus healthy foods and what can happen if they keep eating this way or that way.

Overall, I guess I’m lucky because my kids don’t really give me too much trouble about eating healthier foods rather than junk foods. I am the one that feeds them and they won’t really cook for them selves so they eat what I cook. I rarely ever buy junk food that’s another key thing is to not keep junk food in your home, and then they wouldn’t really have any access to the junk, right? These are my tips to getting your children to eat more healthy hope they help!

don't ever eat the little piggy


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    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 6 years ago from los angeles, ca


    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 6 years ago from Peru, South America

      Thank you for your great suggestions...choose colorful and flavorful foods and prepare them together as a family. Voted up and awesome!