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Keep your toddler healthy

Updated on April 11, 2013

Toddlers have delicate bodies, their care is very important. Every Pakistani mother wants to see her kids healthy from inner and outside of the body. As a common practice, most of the doctors prescribe antibiotics for children, even if they are having mild cold and flu. Excessive use of antibiotics can have severe side-effects on your toddler's body. So, you should use some tips to prevent cold and flu, before they strike the toddler.

There are many of naturals ways that you can adopt to prevent your child from being sick. Cleanliness is an important factor in preventing most of the diseases. So, keep you toddler, and the surroundings clean. The main focus should be on building up a strong immune system of your baby, so he can strongly defense his body against various diseases.

To Keep your baby strong from Inside:

  • Multivitamin: You can purchase a good multivitamin from a heath food store or online. A number of good multivitamins are available in the market. Start giving it to your toddler after the age of 1. You'll feel the difference yourself. Multivitamins not only help in providing the right amount of all vitamins, thus, making your child strong enough to fight against diseases. Always take advice of your pediatrician before you start giving a multivitamin to your child.
  • Rest: Rest is as important for children as it is for elders. Rest is a vital caring tip for toddlers. When babies are sleeping, their body and brain grow by restoring the nutrients. Try to make a schedule for your baby, so he can get enough rest.
  • Proteins: For a healthy immune system and brain, proteins and fats (to an extent) are essential, and should be present in the diet of your child. Fish, chicken, meat, and beans are good source of essential amino-acids. To meet the requirement of fat, you can cook the proteins in high quality organic butter, olive oil, or fat.
  • Vegetables: You can offer raw and half-cooked vegetables to your children. A raw vegetable could be a great source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fiber.
  • Water: Water helps in performing all the body functions normally. You should give them plenty of water to keep them hydrated. It would also help your toddler in building up a strong immune system.

To Keep your Baby Healthy from Outside:

  • Bath: Toddlers love to play on floor, and so they can get dirt and germs easily. Your toddler should take bath at-least once a day. If your child has any skin problem, then you should ask the doctor about how many times you should bath your child in a week.
  • Nails: For a healthy and clean body, clip your toddler's nails and keep them clean. Long nails are an easy way of getting the germs in to the body.
  • Clean Hands: Their hands get dirty easily, so they should wash hands before they eat something, or every time after they finish playing. You can also use a good hand sanitizer, but washing hands is a must.
  • Clean Clothes and Shoes: Proper cleaning of shoes and clothes of toddlers is very important. Use a good detergent to keep their clothing away from bacteria.

These tips can help you in keeping your child healthy and fit.


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