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Kids Say the Cutest Things

Updated on July 13, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes...

Everything tastes like chicken in our house...
Everything tastes like chicken in our house...
Back in the 70s, you just didn't curse in front of the pastor - especially when you were only three.
Back in the 70s, you just didn't curse in front of the pastor - especially when you were only three.

Painfully Honest, Endearingly Earnest, Always Adorable!

From the day my daughter was born, I eagerly anticipated her first word. What would it be? When would it be? I didn't have long to wait, but it wasn't exactly what I expected...

"NO!" not so much spoken as screeched. Loudly! And often. She loved that word. I hated it. Eventually, of course, her vocabulary broadened. Around the age of 2.5, she began to say the most wondrous things. (I WISH I had kept a journal. If you're a new mom, please do.) I couldn't wait to hear what she would utter next. She coined new and amazing terms for everyday items. For example, hydrogen peroxide became emergency bubbles. That is so logical I have to wonder why it wasn't called that from the beginning?

Ever the drama queen, she once leapt onto the fireplace hearth holding a cup of water. She took a huge swig, stretched her arms wide and joyously declared, "Tastes like chicken!" If you'd ever tasted my overcooked, under-seasoned chicken, that statement would make perfect sense.

I suppose she came by her precociousness honestly. I was a blue-eyed, blonde-haired three year old with chubby cheeks and dimples. Quite adorable, or so I'm told. Every Sunday, my grandmother prepared a bountiful feast for the entire family, and about once a month the pastor graced us with his presence. As luck would have it, he was in attendance to witness the most disgraceful behavior of my three-year existence. Now, I don't like English peas. Never have, never will, and my mother should have known that. She was, however, quite insistent this particular Sunday that I should eat my peas. I was just as adamant I would NOT. About the thousandth time she presented the forkful of legumes in front of my face, I shoved it away and shouted, "I don't WANT those damn peas!" The silence was absolute as every eye in the room swerved to the delinquent toddler. My mother's face was filled with horror, my father's with laughter. I was absolutely delighted with the crowd's reaction. My grandmother just shrugged it off and said, "Give her some corn." What the pastor thought of us I don't know, but it's a story that's been told and retold through the years.

My younger daughter, not to be outdone, has her own chapter in the family storybook. We were living in El Paso when she was five years old. My in-laws had come for a visit, and I, my daughter and my mother-in-law were out sightseeing. Somehow we took a wrong turn and ended up in Mexico. At that time, Army personnel had been ordered not to cross the border because of the terrible crime rate, so I didn't want my husband knowing we had gone there. I looked my daughter in the eye and ordered her quite sternly not to tell her daddy we had gone to Mexico. That evening my husband got home from work and little Willow ran to him, jumped in his arms and gave him a hug. He said, "Hello Baby. What did you do today?" Without skipping a beat she replied, "I don't know but one thing's for sure. We didn't go to Mexico." Boy, I got into trouble, but that incident became a priceless family story.

I would love to hear your stories. Drop me a line.


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    • amyxhere profile image

      amyxhere 5 years ago

      Great stories! What's horrifying at the time is priceless down the line.

    • KathyH profile image

      KathyH 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Mine happened when our boys were about two years old. We lived on a military base since their Daddy was in the Air Force. My husband, their Dad, flew for his job, so he had to wear those solid green color "flight suits" as a uniform. In this McDonalds were some guys about my husband's age ordering their food. One guy was a black guy, and my husband is... not. Our two little VERY light blonde haired boys started pointing at him saying "Daddy! Daddy!" .... YIKES!

      I said 'sorry about that" to the guy, he thought it was cute and a lot of people SMILED! I guess they (our boys) thought that anyone wearing the SAME outfit that their Daddy wore to work had to be "Daddy." :) They do say the darndest things... luckily most people find it humorous and this guy was terrific, told me that the boys were "so cute!" He was a very sweet guy! :)

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 5 years ago from Tucson, Az

      priceless!! kids will say the darndest things for sure!

    • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

      Claudia Mitchell 5 years ago

      Ha Ha - Enjoyed this hub. One of my favorite (not in a good way) things my daughter said once in the grocery store was, while she was poking the woman's ( the woman was in front of us) lower backside...."Mommy, I've never seen a bottom this big before...Wow". Needless to say, I realized that I had forgotten a few items at the store and we jumped out of the. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Funny hub, one thing I have learned if you were a firecracker as a kid your child will take it up a knotch. I was very resilent as a child and my daughter is relentless.


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