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Letting You're Kids Know Your Ready to Go Fishing Again

Updated on April 26, 2010

So your ready to start dating again after a nasty divorce or break up. You want to go see the other fish out in the sea. This is a normal thing in life to always want to have a companion someone to lean on it times in need. We are only human, this is one of our necessities. For some of those parents who have older children sometimes run into an issue with their parents bringing another adult into the picture. It's not because their mean and evil and want their parent to be unhappy, it's because they don't want you to get hurt again. They always want you to have the best. Most think that living alone worrying about the kids and grand kids is enough social interaction. It's not. You have fun in your teens years, then have kids for some even grand kids. Now it's time for you to finish up life having fun. Some teens have trouble thinking that they wont be the only important ones in the picture. Here is some small things you can do to help them cope with you wanting to date again and how to introduce them to a new partner you have found. Most of the time these things are done wrong and the families have problems joining together.

  • Tell them that it's time for you to have fun, your loved your outcome of raising kids but you thought them well to do on their own.
  • Assure them things wont change, including the time the two of you spend together, the love that you share.
  • Get to the know the partner inside and out before you introduce them, make sure it's partly seriously.
  • When introducing them don't take off in your own room or leave the family alone while you go off with the partner. Make the whole meeting about the family member, never leave them out of a conversation.
  • Make sure that the family member or partner doesn't ask too personal questions. This could lead to dislikes already.
  • Make the first meeting brief, an hour or two. Not all day.
  • Slowly make the meetings longer. Or more active.
  • Point out the same things they like and do.

I know it's hard because it's your new partner and it should be all about you and them. If the family member or partner feels left out, odds are one will dislike the partner or even you for bringing them into the picture. Make the meetings and activities as fun as you can and all about them. Later once everyone gets alone and the mood is neutral then you can spend your one on one time you badly deserved and earned.

Please comment me for any comments and questions. I'm glad to answer.

Plenty of Fish


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    • cindyvine profile image

      Cindy Vine 9 years ago from Cape Town

      Thanks for answering my request! My son is always so mean and rude to any man who might show an interest in me!