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Make Potty Training Fun! Use Cool Potty Training Aids!

Updated on May 21, 2010

Having firsthand experience when it comes to potty training (no, I'm NOT talking about me…I have my toilet habits down perfectly, I'm talking about my son, Nick) I understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be! One thing I learned when going through the potty training process was the more fun I made it…the more my child responded. Trust me when I say I tried MANY different products and techniques in order to get Nick to "go" in the toilet. Sometimes he did, more often than not, he didn't. I really wanted my son to be completely toilet trained by his second birthday, however, I quickly learned that you just can't rush things.

One of the first things I did was allow Nick to run around in "the buff." I was told that by doing this, my furniture would be completely ruined and my dogs would run away from home after being urinated on one too many times. Ok, that's not what I was told….but the furniture part isn't exactly far from the truth (the dogs, I'm happy to say, are still with us). Actually, allowing your child to run around "diaper free" helps them to figure out WHEN they have to go. Well, if you have a child that has a decent attention span and actually CARES about urinating or pooping in the toilet…then this method works wonders. If your child is like mine and NOTHING and I mean NOTHING can pull him away when he is engaged and playing…then, well, refer to my furniture being ruined comment.

The Potty Watch - You Know You Want One!

Thankfully, there are several products on the market that actually make potty training fun. Ok…NOT fun for YOU….but fun for your child. The Potty Watch for example, is a great idea! Simply strap the watch around your child's wrist and it will remind him when it's "Time to go!" Now I understand that your child may not have to actually "go" when the watch tells him or her to, however, it is a great way to get your child in the habit of sitting on the toilet…whether they go or not. I can't tell you how many times Nick would scream, "I don't have to go, I don't want to" and the second I would sit him on the potty….well, you get the picture. The watch reminds your child to go potty by playing music and flashing lights…it really does get their attention. You can set the watch on thirty, sixty, or ninety minute intervals.

Hello Peter Potty!

Now, I 'm not sure this next product would work so well with my son but I can understand how it would work with other children. The Peter Potty Toddler Urinal (don't blame me, I didn't name it) actually claims to "potty train boys up to two months faster." Now Peter the Potty actually looks like a urinal that you would find in a public restroom. The reason I don't think I would try this product with my son is because he is somewhat of a "jokester" and I can easily see him peeing on the walls instead of in Peter Potty. This training urinal actually flushes (which is a plus….cause what kid DOES NOT like flushing?) and a low basin for easy aim. Now I have read that boys who actually trained standing up…actually caught on much faster. Hmmmm, that statistic alone might make Peter Potty worth a try!

Once Upon A Potty!

Finally, who doesn't like a good book…and if that book just so happens to encourage potty training, I'm all for it! "Once Upon A Potty" is a potty training kit which contains a thirty minute DVD, a charming book, and an anatomically correct doll (boy or girl…your choice) that comes with his or her own potty.  Kids sing along to the DVD as they learn about using the potty and can interact with the movie using their anatomically correct doll. Sorry, for some reason, the entire sentence I just typed made me laugh. Anyway, "Once Upon A Potty" has been used by millions of children and parents swear that it is a wonderful toilet training tool. As I mentioned before, toilet training your child can be frustrating, however, don't worry…your child will catch on eventually, I promise you that! Just keep your eye on the prize (NO MORE PAMPERS or DIAPERS), be patient and train your child with a lot of love! Good Luck!


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    • profile image

      baby potty training 7 years ago

      Wow learned something new here. Great information in your hub. Nice job.

    • profile image

      Stephanie  8 years ago

      I was surfng the net looking for info on olay stuff. I came across your page. I have never laughed so hard in my life. So I kept on reading your stuff. You are to funny! Plus you tell the truth!