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Best Family time

Updated on March 21, 2014

Importance of having meals together

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Eating together prove boon for growing kids  Teenagers need more care
Eating together prove boon for growing kids
Eating together prove boon for growing kids
Teenagers need more care
Teenagers need more care

Eating together counts a lot

Eating together can always reap reward to the parents .No matter what you eat ,it slows down the process of eating rather than gulping one's food quickly ,children learn to eat calmly and contentedly ,children imitate their parents so what they see, they do the same .If parents and siblings are eating healthy food they are much more likely to try them and gradually learn eating good food in proper way .Avoid watching TV, its the cause of distraction and sometime you over eat while doing so .Thus little chit chatting and laughing at small things build family ties .mother advocates children to inculcate good eating habits too .like washing hands before and after eating , chew your food well ,enjoy your food while eating ,they learn to share things too ,'Patience' is another thing they learn as one have to wait for his /her turn to serve himself or herself .

The important thing is that a family is sharing food at the same time and is also concentrating on it .In that way everyone will recognise when they are full and avoid overeating Sitting down for a family meal provides more than just good nutrition. It can provide real quality time for the entire household.
When it comes to our children's nutrition, we usually think more about what our kids are eating than how they're eating it. In other words, dining together as a family has become a bit of a lost practice, today in the rushing world .
It's extremely important that a family sits down around a table, have their meal together rather than having food on the 'go' as they are rushing in and out to go. When you eat together you enjoy, find out what every one's did that day and beyond all children also learn table manners and pick up your valued behaviour. It becomes a meeting hub for the family .

Families are so busy these days that sometimes a meal together means picking up something while moving .If families aren't sitting down and eating together, they're less likely to know what's happening in the family.It's sad to say that a lot of kids are coming home and popping a meal into the microwave and then rushing into their rooms to eat it without ever getting a chance to interact with their parents or grand parents and siblings especially when the trend of joint family is loosing its importance.Family mealtime is the perfect time to Keep the mood light, relaxed, and loving and entertaining. Try not to instruct or criticize—lead by example to your children .

Encourage your children to try new foods, without forcing, or bribing them . Introduce a new food with some of their favorites. Repeat it for few days before it is accepted, so be calm and patient. Trying a new kind of food is like introducing a new hobby. It expands your child’s knowledge, experience, and skill at the same time .let elders appreciate the new food this will lure the child to eat it as well as appreciate it too.

Meals prepared and eaten at home are usually more nutritious and healthy. They contain more fruits, vegetables, and dairy products along with plenty of fiber intake , calcium, vitamins A and C, and folate. Home cooked meals are rarely fried or highly salted, In addition to that soda and sweetened beverage intake is usually lower at the dinning table.Eating junks may fill the stomach but it will prove harmful on long run

Children do well at school when they eat meals with their family. Teenagers who eat dinner with their families have higher academic performance than who eat alone in their rooms
It is time to bring the "family" back to the dinning table. Sharing dinner together gives a "sense of identity to all ". It can help ease day-to-day conflicts in the family, as well as establish traditions and memories that can last for a lifetime.never talk bad about any one as children are keen listener they may pick those talks and then drive you mad asking all sorts of questions or may also learn the habit of talking behind the people .they will never learn the art of forgiving


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