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Out of Control Toddler

Updated on July 25, 2013

Stop the Screaming

Child screaming in Public
Child screaming in Public


All parent make mistakes but if your child is out of control. Here is some good reasons your child will not listen to you. If you don't step up as a parent. Your child will do the job for you.

Consistency and Regular Routines For Your Child

Imagine being new in this world! Relate to your toddler. How would you feel if things keep changing?

Keep a routine for your child. So your child knows what is expected. Keep a basic routine. Try to keep meal times the same time every day. Bath time the same time. Bedtime the same time every night. Keep this routine on weekends. Change alone is frustrating and confusing for the child.

Imagine going to work one day then find out everything was changed and you didn't like the changes.

The same goes with your toddler. Keep a routine that fits you and your babysitter. Let your toddler have time to adjust to your new routine.

You will see you will have a better behaving toddler just in a few weeks. Your toddler will not fuss and fight with you. Your toddler will start to get comfortable with the routine and want to comply. Do not change your routine you will have a very angry toddler.

If you let your child stay up late one night. You are going to have an unhappy child if you don't let them stay up the next night. Don't do it you will be sorry even if you have visitors put your child to bed at the same time every night.

Family Time

Work steels enough family time. After work being there for your child is most important. Being there for your child does not mean staying on your cell phone or laptop.

Spending those last few hours with your child before your child's bed time makes a big difference without distracting cell phone calls.

You as a parent have to set boundaries with your workplace. If something comes up at work they can call you after your child's bedtime or they can leave a message. Then you can call them back after your child is in bed.

I see so many people with small children constantly talking on their cellphones and completely ignoring their children.

The child will often come to get a Goodnight kiss only to get shunned' away because their to busy talking on the phone.


Rules can be very confusing for a small child. When there is more than one person involved with raising a child.

Rules have to be enforced by everybody involved in raising a child. Disagreeing with your spouse or your caretaker just confuses the child when your child says so in so lets me do it.

You need to address that issue with that person if one person allows the child to break the rules it causes problems for everyone else. Make the rules clear and agree with all that is concerned.

Mean What You Say

When you tell a child no mean no do not say no then give in. Once you give in to your child. You are saying hey have a fit or be bad and you will get what I want!

Your Child's First Five Years - What Parents Should Keep In Mind

Most parents have a fairly good understanding of how children reach developmental milestones from week to week or month to month during the first two years of life.

What may not always be so clear to all parents, however, is that those developmental milestones take place within a framework in which segments of time seem to require focus on specific areas of emotional/social development, as well as language development.

The biggest mistake you will ever make as a parent. Is having the mentality your child is to young to remember. From the time your child is born up to 5 years old they are influenced by everything you do and everything that goes on in their environment.

They are completely aware of everything. They may not understand whats going on but they will remember it and with time they will recall the situation and then understand it.


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    • Toytasting profile image

      Toy Tasting 4 years ago from Mumbai

      Tamron, this was a good read. It is super important for parents to set up a routine for their child and keep a balance between work and time spent with the little one. Thank you for sharing this. Cheers!

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Very useful and important advice here, Tamron. I couldn't agree with your 5 points more. Thanks for sharing...I'm rating it UP/U/I and sharing.