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Momma Knows: Bedtime with the Beatles

Updated on October 1, 2007

This CD by Jason Falkner is wonderful for lulling babies to sleep, but you'll love it for so much more. Classic Lennon-McCartney melodies are expertly transformed into gorgeously calm soothers for any age.

Before you make a snap judgment about messing with Beatles tunes, give this one a chance. I'm not a fan of Muzak in any form and I can assure you this music draws upon the originals and takes them in a whole new direction, but it's never cheesy.

It's not just for bedtime. I was introduced to this CD in a yoga class where the trance-like sound hooked me almost immediately. Way better than Indian flutes in the desert. It's also great for passing a Sunday afternoon with a cool drink. But perhaps the best use for this CD is during a late night feeding or an episode of colic. Even if it doesn't work on the baby, it'll do wonders for the parents!

I can assure you that babies everywhere of every age will be slowly calmed into a state of peaceful sleep while the gentle notes of songs like Blackbird and And I Love Her. The tracks come in at just over thirty minutes, which seems to be just the right amount of time to fall asleep. (If you're practicing yoga, you may need to run through it twice!)

The Perfect Gift for Boy or Girl

If you're looking for a shower or baby gift, Bedtime with the Beatles will be appreciated. In a clever marketing ploy, the CD comes in both a blue and a pink case, so make sure you order accordingly. They are both the same CD, just packaged to appeal to the parents of either gender.

If you're looking for Bedtime with the Beatles at your local record store, remember it's in with the kids' stuff. However, it ought to be in every adult's collection as well.


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  • supercibor profile image

    Hector Herrera 

    11 years ago from Dominican Republic

    I am going to try this CD on my grandchildren because their mother has tried every type of music without results.They just go to sleep when they decide.

    It coudl be good for me too.

    Great job very original



  • Jennifer Chait profile image

    Jennifer Chait 

    12 years ago

    Very cool! I played Joni Mitchell albums for my son when he was a baby it worked like a charm. This sounds neat. Thanks for sharing.


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