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My Resolutions for the New Year 2015

Updated on September 30, 2016

There is always this time at the beginning of the year. We make resolutions, we promise to ourselves, to follow them and then very soon, we forget them. When the year is about to end and we begin regretting about our non-adherence to commitments, the New Year arrives with new hopes, a time to recharge, a time to bounce back, a time to forget what’s gone and plan afresh. There may be a thousand failures teasing from behind us but a tiny drop of hope reflects to us the entire sky that lies to be explored. And so we move on…

I have achieved at least one thing in the year that we have left behind us. I have analysed myself and come to conclude that there are certain drawbacks which are not letting me move forward in life. I have vowed to myself that I shall definitely change these and watch the result. So let this be a year of experiments. Be it a year of success or one of failure, one thing is for sure, it will be an interesting year.

Here are my resolutions for the New Year 2015.


1. I shall think more and work systematically

This is what I have done less frequently the last year. I mean, efficient planning. I worked hard last year but could not achieve proportionate results. For example I contributed many articles to many websites but could not earn as much. I attribute this to a bad planning behind the efforts that I put. So, this year I am definitely going to think more and work according to a plan. More specifically, I do not want to get carried away by the feeling that I have to achieve. Rather I shall sit quietly, think, allot myself an effective work and then get down to completing it perfectly, strictly in that order.

2. Come what may, I shall stick to my plan.

This was perhaps my biggest shortcoming during the last year. I did not bother in the least to fail the deadlines, to keep my assignments incomplete and did not regret when I could not achieve what I committed to myself. If required, I shall allot less work than I can actually do but for sure, I never want to miss any finish line.

Some days back a friend commented that turning 50 meant the countdown had begun and that the time for achieving things was running out. I would turn 50 this October. I was quite alarmed. This is why this point is going to be one of my top resolutions.

3. I shall do things substantial, not ordinary.

The feeling of not having achieved anything substantial is coming down heavily on me. I want to spend time on things and do things that will cut ice. Enough is enough. Friends must say by the end of this year, " He has achieved important targets this year."

4. I shall do new things.

I have got sick of doing old things. Though the year has already started in the most conventional style with same kind of parties etc. yet I am very sure I shall try out new things this year. This is one step to keep life moving in an interesting manner. Search for newer horizons has always been my prerogative as can e een in ths link:

5. I shall visit social media less frequently.

I cannot be spoon fed any more. Rather than playing with the software applications developed by others I shall try to create my own applications.

6. I shall make it a point to summarize my works regularly this year

I shall sum up every day every week and every month and this is going to last up to the end of the year. By analysing my day I hall be able to keep track of ma faults and take corrective course.


7. I shall learn computer programming religiously this year

I shall definitely know some programming at the end of the year. This has been one of my big dreams and I shall make it happen this year.

8. I shall try to earn at least some contracts for 50 to 100 $ this year

I am not enjoying writing posts worth 1$-5$. So I shall try to grab some writing contracts which pay me in the range of 50$-100$ per post.

9. I shall complete my 'Learn typing' project this year

I started to learn typing in 2014 but even now I am not at home in typing. Hope I shall be able to give it a final touch this year

.As of now I am stopping here but may be, I shall add some more as the year progresses. I may also tweak the promises slightly


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