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NewBorn Baby -the Most Beautiful Creation of God

Updated on October 2, 2015

Most Beautiful Newborn Babies

Vijayalakshmi is seated on a wooden low lying stool, wearing a silk saree and lot of ornaments. There is scorching heat outside and bright sun. But her ancestral house situated in the southern part of India is full of people celebrating her coming home from her in-laws place for the delivery of the first baby.

Her parents have invited all their relatives and friends for the occasion. She is seven months pregnant and is expecting a world's most beautiful new born baby. Her aunts put vermilion on her forehead and prayed for her and for the health of her baby. They also put bangles on her hand for her protection and to ward off the evil eye. This is how a typical “valakaappu” is celebrated in the southern part of India.


Valakaappu is an occasion for celebrating the expecting arrival of the baby. Newborns are the most beautiful creations of parents; of the world. Human beings celebrate the arrival of new born in different ways. Almost all the cultural groups in different regions of the world celebrate the arrival of new born.


Mustard Seeds Pillow for New Born Baby

Almost all the cultural groups in different regions of the world celebrate the arrival of new born.

In India, it is customary to prepare a place in the house for newborn’s arrival. Baby coat, mattress, pillow etc are purchased in advance. But many people believe that something may go wrong if things are bought in advance for the baby. In north eastern parts of India, baby’s pillow is made by filling mustard seeds in a cloth piece and stitching it on all sides to make it a pillow. This is believed to help in giving a beautiful shape to the head of the baby, as it is not hard and baby can easily roll the head on it.

Elder women of the household will be very thrilled making mustard seeds pillow for the baby. Mustard seeds pillows are not washed and reused. As it gets dirty, it is replaced with a new one. Clean and soft pieces of old cotton cloth are used often. If new piece of cloth is used, it is washed and dried before stiching the pillow. The elders are wise enough to keep two or three pillows ready in case the baby spoils the existing one!

Baby's Soft Mattress

Some people prefer to prepare Babies’ small mattress from soft clothes stitched together at home. This is usually done by the mother or the mother-in-law of the pregnant woman.

Customs for Seemantham and Godh Bharai

During the seventh month of pregnancy, the mother is usually brought to the parental house from husband’s house for customs for Seemantham and Godh bharai. Thereafter the mother will be staying in the parental house for up to two to three months after the delivery. This custom helps the mother to get support from her parents and to get adjusted to the additional task of taking care of a baby.

New Born Celebration in India

The arrival of the newborn is celebrated in different names in different parts of India. The expectant mother is given special attention and importance on the occasion. She will be decked up with beautiful clothes and ornaments and friends and relatives surround her with blessings and gifts. It is known as seemantham, godh bharai, pulikuti etc in different parts of India.

All these traditions under different names help the pregnant lady to find help and support during the critical period of her life. The different food items served in such occasions are a symbol of love and affection to the expecting mother and a way to celebrate the joy of having another human being to the family. The family look forward to the exciting moment of seeing the new born face, the most peaceful and beautiful face in the world.


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