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Identical Twins Create their Best Dishes

Updated on February 7, 2017

Identical Twins Create and Compete with their Best Dishes from A Healthy and Delicious Standpoint

Identical Twin Sisters Enjoy Preparing Food Together

Identical twin sisters Claudette and Paulette, remember when they were about six years old. Paulette and I would hug each other as we walked around the house. We were inseparable. My name is Claudette and we are #identical twins that have tolerated our perdicament, for looking and sounding alike all our lives. I use the word, "tolerated" because when you have been under the auspices of mistaken identity all your life; it can sometimes become difficult. It was cute when we were young girls making mudcakes and running up and down dirt roads with our dog Spot. Yes, we had a dog name, Spot.

Imagine being accused of committing #adultery because someone saw Paulette with her husband. I was branded an #adulteress, by one of my husband's relatives because she did not know that I had an identical twin sister. My mother-in-law interceded and explained that based on the description of the man, it was Paulette and her husband, not me and my husband. This type of confusion continues even today. Sometimes I am reprimanded for not speaking to one of my sister's friends because they mistake me for Paulette. It is awful when someone walks up and start talking about things that I have no idea who or what they are talking about. We have both learned to just #smile and pretend that we know these strangers so that we could continue taking care of our responsibilities whether it was grocery shopping or whatever.

It was also difficult when our children were infants, they would reach for the wrong person if both of us were in the room together. Our babies would be baffled by our appearance, until they could encounter the mommy smell. Even today, Paulette's children are very close to me and my daughters are very close to her.

Growing up, we would complain about dressing alike. We absolutely abhored it. My mother would be so proud as she presented us to the public, like a threatrical spectacle. It was always comforting when someone would say, "I wish I had an identical twin sister." This sort of flattery caused us to think of devious ways to utilize being #identical. Paulette, would get into much more mischief and blame it on me. The first thing my older brothers and sisters would say is, "Spank them both because they got the same brain anyhow." Whenever one of us was caught in action, we would pretend to be the other twin. Eventually, the mold on my neck was discovered so we would have to show our necks for identification. To our demise, we lost a good job behind the prank of pretending to be each other. There was this #Earth, Wind and Fire concert that we were both determined to attend although on different work shifts. I went to the concert one night and worked in Paulette's place. The next night, she wanted to attend so I switched places with her. Almost at the end of the shift, a supervisor who knew us well, began to scrutinize, my writing among other things. We were caught in the act and this predicament caused both of us to lose this good job. That was more than #forty years ago. We have never attempted to play that game again. I think we both felt, it desecrated the sanctity of being an identical twin. It was obvious, that was a childish game never to be played again.

Now that we are in our sixties, trying to live christian lives and both married with grown children; opposing views is what we respect about each other. The videos illustrated here, are part of what we use to do on a television series, we had in the seventies. We still maintain our #opposing views because we are individuals. Meal preparation, is often a source of contention, due to our competitive nature. Most of the time, we find a common ground and mutually agree. Finally, we don't have to dress alike unless we want to. Individuality, is cherished although we still get the confused friends and sometimes family. It is also funny when we look back at our old photographs and become confused about if it is my identical twin sister, Paulette or me. Well, I guess that comes with the territory of growing older. It has been quite an adventure and I pray it will continue to be. I am truly thankful that Jehovah God, created us as identical twins. It once again proves that God is capable of anything. What an awesome creator!

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The Results of Twins' Preparation of Their Favorite Dishes

A video from YouTube about "Ten Mind Blowing Things About Twins."


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