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Organic Baby Clothes: A Smart Choice

Updated on March 21, 2011

Organic baby clothes are clothes that are made from natural fibers that have been grown organically; like organic wool, organic silk, organic linen and organic cotton. Other natural fibers used in organic baby clothes include leather, bamboo, organic recycled fibers and hemp. In order to be labeled as organic, baby clothes have to be made from materials that qualify for organic certification. Manufacturers may also make additional claims on their products, like cruelty free or fair trade, to make their apparel more attractive to consumers. However, these claims aren't necessarily supported by certifying agencies, and should not be taken at face value.

Some adorable organic cotton onesies made by Positively Organic
Some adorable organic cotton onesies made by Positively Organic

Organic Baby Clothes: Chemical Free

The organically grown products used to make organic baby clothes are farmed without using synthetic chemicals. Natural processes are utilized to ensure soil quality, control diseases and pests and to handle other problems which can occur during the farming practice. Many people think that organic production is healthier for the environment since it does not involve pollutants, and that it's more sustainable than regular farming. Vegetarians and vegans would especially be interested in organic baby clothes because they are likely to come with humane certifications.

These new glass baby bottles are healthier for your little one.
These new glass baby bottles are healthier for your little one.

Organic Baby Clothes Are 100% Natural

Just like organically farmed vegetables and fruits, organic baby clothes do not contain synthetics. For example, polyester is strictly prohibited for use in organic baby clothes, and any dyes used also must be 100% natural in origin. In the past, that has meant organic clothes were baggy or loose, lacking the tensile stretchiness and strength of synthetics, and their colors were dreary and likely to fade.

Just a few years ago, when consumers began to become more interested in organic baby clothing, manufacturers took action by improving their textile techniques, resulting in more fashionable, long-lasting, ecologically friendly and durable organic baby garments.

Choose reuseable organic cloth diapers to help the environment.
Choose reuseable organic cloth diapers to help the environment.

Organic Baby Clothes and Other Products

Many parents prefer organic baby clothes because they are worried about lingering chemicals which could be present on normally farmed fibers, or they're concerned about their children having allergies to synthetic fibers. Parents might also just want to support organic farming methods and the production of organic products as part of their personal mission to help the environment. Organic clothes are also available for adults in a wide variety of styles, from red carpet couture to casual athletic wear such as organic yoga pants. As well, there are various other organic baby products available, such as organic baby blankets, organic baby wipes, organic baby bottles and organic cloth diapers.

Like many other organic products and produce, organic baby products come with a higher price than their synthetic counterparts. Organic farming is typically more expensive than regular production methods, and since many organic farmers are also troubled by issues like the proper treatment of animals and worker welfare, the safety measures they take to protect the moral integrity of their goods can mean a much higher price tag. For example, organic baby clothes companies that make sweatshop free products must pay their employees a higher wage, the cost of which is passed on to the consumer.

Rock Your Baby's World! With An Organic Baby Hammock

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