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Parenting: Satisfying Or Not?

Updated on March 8, 2011

Are you ready for it?

Parenting is an adventure, so they say. Whether it's a full-time commitment or not, a father or a mother is obliged to take care of his/her offspring whether they like it or not.

I may not look at other's written observations or the wikipedia of parenting. After a week of not writing some hubs, here I go again, a mere observer of the way parents rear their children.

As I travel because of my work as seafarer, I cannot evade to observe the differences of parenting in the countries I happened to visit.

AMERICAN PARENTS are the most popular model in parenting. It can be attributed to media mileage and their influences because of their Family Code. American media uses family-oriented print and TV ads to sell their products. Their kids usually separate from their parents if they reached eighteen years of age. When I talked to a parent in one of the branches of Wal-Mart, she said to me that there's a fallacy in the scenarios that we often see in TV series about parenting. More often than not, parents in many states of the United States of America are not bothered of their children still living with them.

CANADIAN PARENTS are also like their American counterpart. Although, most inhabitants came from different continents, parents of different descents usually practice the way their parents did before immigrating to the said country.

LATIN AMERICAN PARENTS rear their children just like Hispanic parents. Most of them are closely-knit that even if they have their own family, they still live with their parents.

EUROPEAN PARENTS are almost the same as of their American counterparts. Afterall, their roots came from this continent. They practice the same Family Code and observe the same rules in parenting. An old lady who used to work at the port in Liverpool, England in the United Kingdom of Great Britain told me that her son was still studying in one of the universities in the city. She also said that she always clean her son's room so that she will be ready if he comes back for vacation; and will continue to do so even if he marries one day.

ASIAN PARENTS are typically closely-knit, just like Latino parents. Extended families mean hearing their opinion about the many aspects of parenting (as in basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, including money matters).

ADOPTED PARENTS take care of their adopted children just like biological parents. I've seen and know some of them who cannot reproduce children, yet successfully raised the adoptive sons or daughters.

ETHNIC PARENTS are all closely-knit in rearing children. Parents of the tribes are practicing polygamous marriage, just like MUSLIM PARENTS.

Factors affecting parenting however bad or good are divorce, legal separation, incest, rape, and other domestic violence.

Eventhough, the good values being promoted by parenting are being trampled by many aspects disorienting our world today, still, many believe that having family is still the best thing to cherish here on Earth.


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    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 8 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      That will do, bacville, that will do. Parents will be parents. Good parents sacrifice their time for the sake of their children. In return, children should be able to repay the good deeds their parents extend to them.

    • bacville profile image

      bacville 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Parents should discipline their children, not to the extent of hurting them physically and mentally. Soft words of advises are more welcome by children than abusing their authority as parents.