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Poor Economy- Help Starts At Home

Updated on March 23, 2009

The economy today and it's effects

With the economy in the shape it's in today, more people are finding themselves out of work for the first time in 10, 20 or even 30 or more years.

Increased lay-offs, businesses closing down and lack of jobs is not going to go away anytime soon, there is no "quick" fix.

Many of these displaced workers have no idea where to even start to pull their finances back together again and sad news is, it may be awhile before they can.

Stay at home Moms may find themselves forced back to work or at least trying to obtain a full time job. The families teenagers or college aged , may also find themselves having to take on a part time if not full time job.

These are the times that can either make or break a family unit.

One way it can go is;

One thing that can happen in these trying times is the family can break apart and crumble under the stress.

Divorce can happen, usually if the marriage wasn't a strong one in the first place.

Blame occurs, money disappears, the life everyone was once used to living is gone.

Forced to face money issues and an increase in stress, can sometimes be too much and one of the providers of income can turn to drugs or alcohol as their way to escape and leave the rest of the family i dire need of support both mentally and monetarily.

Families may then be forced to split up , kids could be forced into foster care, unless we can find other means of support and help.

The Better Way

Hopefully, your family has a strong foundation and can weather the storms in these trying times.

One thing is certain, we can't do it alone, and this may also strengthen your family once you break through to the other side.

Some things we may need to do for the sake of our family:

Allow older family members to move in

Older family members can share the burden of bills

They can also assist with spending quality time with the younger kids or babysitting now that Mom or Dad has to join the workforce or work extra hours.

Or if they are in good enough health, perhaps they want to get that part time job and get back involved with the community.

The older kids in the family could share in the babysitting responsibilities for the younger kids or get an extra job.

Pooling money to keep food on the table, the lights on and the water flowing is most important and once this is explained to the rest of the family , the more they will be willing to contribute.

What's Important?

The main thing is that the family stays together, has shelter and food on the table.

This means everyone contributing.

This means everyone has to make certain sacrifices.

This means back to the basics for most families and back to spending more time together communicating, supporting and caring for others.

Does your family have the strong foundation to manage through these tough times?


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