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Product review - fisher price booster seat

Updated on February 4, 2014

One of my best buys

Once my baby attained sitting milestone and was on solids, the big thing on my mind was a high chair. The major reasons were that lately I was seeing quite a number of parents doing a alternative job, one holding the baby and other eating. This makes none of the parent enjoy the meal and time available for talk. Also, baby has to form a habit of eating food on his chair rather than parents running around.

Being a total Internet freak, I started my research in and out To find the best baby chair. I also visited lot of baby stores to check out the available options.

We have a ok size house, not too big and not too small. Our dining hall has all the room doors opening into it, making it a common place or a walk through. This made me decide on something that was not big and bulky but something that is short and sweet yet solves the purpose. It has to be something that compliments with our current dining table chair and not something for which we have to now allocate a place.

Most of the high chairs I saw had huge legs and going in divergence. They needed a lot of space for them. Also, my sister in law who is a frequent visitor to us, has a slight problem of toppling over due to her fast walking speed and overlooking of obstacles at ground level. The angular foot would surely come in her way and make her and baby chair topple. I came across the booster seats, they fitted best to my need. They can be fixed to my current dining chair and hence need no additional space. Can be placed just between me and my husband during meal time for both of us to feed baby and still be on our conversations.

Their were a variety of booster seats in the market, some with cloth back, some portable and various other features. After doing my in and out study I decided onto Fischer price booster seat for few of the great reasons and benefit it has over rest.

  1. It has a full plastic body, no fabric. When kids eat food they spill a lot and anytime they just throw up. That time it's best to detach it from the main chair, wash it thoroughly, dry it with a dry cloth and remake the baby sit. Hardly 5 min, gap in the whole meal.
  2. It can be folded and made comparatively small to carry when we go for a trip
  3. It has two additional trays, that can be used to serve finger foods and a cover to them as babies are slow eaters
  4. It has 3 height adjustment levels
  5. It has 3 tray adjustments in distance from baby's body
  6. It can be secured from two sides to main chair, base and back
  7. It has a baby harness bedsides tray securing the baby
  8. It comes in bright colours

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