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Recycling Cloth Diapers

Updated on August 14, 2012
My oldest wearing one of his diapers covers as a swimsuit.
My oldest wearing one of his diapers covers as a swimsuit.

To Sell Or Not To Sell

Many people choose to sell their used cloth diapers when their babies have outgrown them to recoup some of the cost. This may or may not be the most lucrative use of your old diapers. There are many other uses out there for used cloth diapers that you might not have considered, and some of them could even save you some money!

But What Can I Use Them For?

  1. Paper towels/Rags- The easiest way to reuse your old cloth diapers is to use them in place of paper towels and rags. If your house is anything like mine, a roll of paper towels probably lasts no more than 3 days. My 2 1/2 year old is the king of spills, we also have a baby and 2 dogs. Those things combined seems to equal a lot of mess, and paper towels were my go-to for cleaning up after them. I haven't stopped using paper towels all together, but a roll of them now lasts weeks in my house. I know we've saved a lot of money not having to buy paper towels very often. Cloth inserts are also super absorbent (it's kind of their purpose) so they're great for any large spills you may have
  2. Potholders- Use your old cloth diapers as potholders for hot pots and pans when you're cooking or trivets to set them down on.
  3. Wet/Dry Mops- You can use them on your Swiffer or other similar mopping product instead of buying their replacement pads. A lot of them can even be easily attached.
  4. Pet Bedding- You can sew a few together as a blanket or bedding for your pet. If you're more crafty you could probably dye some and make more stylish bedding or even a blanket for a person.
  5. Hand Towels- A lot of prefolds are the perfect size for hand towels or they can even be used as a gym/workout towel!

I'm sure there are still other uses for them that I simply haven't thought of yet! So when it comes time to think about selling your used cloth diapers maybe you should consider using them for something else instead! In the end you could end up saving more than you would make on the sale.


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    • profile image

      Megan 5 years ago

      When my kids are done with diapers, I thought it would be fun to try to make a quilt with my huge collection of adorable WAHM fitteds! I haven't quite figured out how yet.. But I have many years to try to figure it out still!

    • My2GreenBeans profile image

      My2GreenBeans 5 years ago from Tennessee

      Great Hub!! I frequently tell recently cloth converts that not only will you save money by using cloth diapers compared to disposables but when you are done, you will be able sell your used diapers if you want to! Now try selling a used disposable – uck! Anyway, if you are using pocket style cloth diapers, you may have more inserts than diapers or a lot of people sell just the shells only and use their own inserts since the microfiber seems to have a bit of a lifespan for diaper use. So, sell those diaper shells and recycle those microfiber inserts as swiffer cloths that you can toss in the wash. Be green over and over again!! Weeee…. can you tell how excited I get about repurposing!! Anyway, loved the hub!! Voting up!