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Registry Disaster, ( Part 4 of Teen mom's and their mother's )

Updated on August 22, 2011

........And he controls

When woman are in the last trimester of pregnancy it is customary to have a baby shower for the first born. Most woman will want to register at a local baby supply store to insure her guest will have an idea of her taste and needs. Usually this is done by the expectant mother, her mother, the mother in-law and perhaps a few of her closest friends. The woman usually turn it into an all day affair, perhaps starting with a light brunch then followed by a full day of ooohing and ahhhing at all the adorable baby cloths, furniture, and accessories. When you're an expectant teen nothing is normal at all!

Our journey to the local baby store was orchestrated with a whine! " Mom, we want to go nowwwwww!" As with most teens in situations were there is an enormous desire to do it now, and when their culture is full of instant gratification, if you don't give in, there will be hell to pay. At least thats how my daughter operates.

My parents were here from FLorida and I had to make dinner for everyone so I was pressed for time and on top of that, " we " meant JR too. I was to say the least "not in the mood." But, I went against my better judgement and made the trek anyways. Jr of course drove. My daughters friend Veronica and I sat in the back seat. We were to meet Jr's mother at the store. Jr's mother had taken them both earlier to another store to register but would be joining us at this store as well. I should have know it would be a disaster when I tried to joke with Jr about making adjustments to the speeds at which we were traveling, and my hopes that once his son arrived he would have a better handle on his desire to speed. I swear he increased his speed. Veronica and I quietly shook our heads in annoyance and quickly adjusted out seat belts. Once at the store it was very clear that Veronica and myself were to be seen but not heard. We were to follow the two of them in silence while Jr controlled the UPC scanner and clip board. Mandy was obviously uncomfortable. The poor girl wanted the advice of her mother and friend but didn't dare upset Jr. I tried to ask a question about which items they had registered for at the previous store only to have Jr ignore us and walk to another isle. This happened a few times until he handed me the clip board and gun, I shoved it back at him and told my daughter I would wait for her in the furniture isle were I had scoped out a comfortable glider chair earlier. A few moments later my daughter, noticeably frustrated pleaded with me to just ignore him. Being the adult I agreed. However, when Mandy told Jr she was going to get me, He left the store. For the next 30 minutes Veronica and I sat outside the store while Mandy tried to coax him back inside. Finally his mother arrived. She would talk some sense into him. Nope, No luck. At this point I just want to go home, Something that should have been enjoyable with the customary oohhhs and ahhhhs had turned into a man trying to control a female outing! Really? What was he thinking? Us woman eventually returned to the task at hand leaving Jr to stew in the car. We did finally laugh a little, yet Mandy kept glancing around the store hoping Jr hadn't abandoned her once again.


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