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Retirement Home for Parents: 09 tips for finding the right place for a loved one

Updated on September 10, 2015

Old age is the second childhood!!!

We are all aware of the proverb ' old age is the second childhood '. As a child we are made to feel secure, confident and self-reliant. As we further grow up sense of self-esteem, self-respect and human values is instilled in us, which helps to develop our personality, so that we are prepared to take on the slugfest of life. Who chaperones us to achieve self-actualization? Our parents ofcourse! They give us both emotional and physical security, shelter and guidance like a Banyan tree when we are most vulnerable. Similarly, when our parents grow old, and become feeble in both physical and emotional sense, it is our turn to give them back, what we took from them. It is incumbent upon us to take care of their both physical and emotional well being.

The Solution lies in choosing the right retirement home

The question is how to do that? The best possible answer lies in finding a perfect retirement home for our beloved parents.

1. Independent Retirement Home or Apartment

A retirement home can be an independent house or apartment. The word independent is highly significant in this context, because after leading a life on their own terms for more than fifty-sixty years you cannot throw the Sunshine Boys or Girls into a state of physical and emotional dependence. That will not only hurt their pride and self-esteem, but will also put unnecessary pressure on their psyche which can lead to old age depression and other mental disorders.

2. Peer Interaction doubles up the Happiness

Isolation is another problem that most of the elderly parents suffer from. It can be virtual or actual. Virtual because they cannot mingle with their younger progeny due to generation gap. Actual because we cannot give them enough time due to fast-paced, hectic modern lifestyle. This malady too can be cured with the choice of a proper retirement home in a community of elderly people where our parents can share their feelings with peers of the same age.

3. Daily Necessities in the Vicinity of Retirement Home

The other predicament of the elderly parents is restricted movements both inside and outside the community they live in. The best way to solve this issue is to find a retirement home for our parents in a community where every daily necessity is within walking distance which can minimize the need of movement.

4. Fitness is the Mantra

The most important aspect of old age is the need to be active. Our choice of retirement home for our parents should be at a place and community where there are facilities for outdoor activities like walking, fitness exercises and sports etc.

5. Old Age Depression Kept Away

While choosing retirement home for parents, one should always remember the fact that with graying of the hair the grey matter of the brain also goes down, more commonly known as atrophy of the brain, which can lead to diseases like Alzheimer's disease, dementia and old age depression. This can be prevented by choosing retirement home of our parents in communities where hobbies like reading, playing cards, chess, music and dance are encouraged on peer-to-peer basis.

6. The Beautiful World with Children and Grand Children

Another important tip to remember before choosing retirement home of parents is the distance between the children and grandchildren and their parents. The retirement home of parents should not be too far away from the home of their loved ones so that it cannot be visited at least once in a weekend or once in a month, for that can lead to feeling of desolation. Most importantly, it is always very important to spend quality time with your parents when you and your children are around. For no matter how much peer-to-peer interactions elderly can indulge in, nothing can supplant the gentle touch, love and affection we as children can offer to our parents.

Gentle Touch and Support Always Needed

In fact, American Journal of Neuroscience has explained, many old age depressions, diseases can be avoided or mitigated if we the children can extend a gentle hand of support to our parents. That's why while choosing retirement home for parents it very important to keep in mind that you are around when your parents need you the most, no matter how busy you are.

7. Start Afresh

While choosing retirement home for parents, it is worth-mentioning that at old age the elderly need peaceful, clean and natural environment where they can breathe fresh air away from the din and bustle of crowded city pent.

8. Security Concerns and Retirement Homes

Security is another big concern for the elderly parents as they are vulnerable to attacks from burglars and miscreants whether inside or outside the independent community they live in. That's why choosing the right community with security apparatus is of utmost priority when you choose a retirement home for your parents.

9. Medical Facilities in the Vicinity

The last but certainly not the least priority while choosing retirement home for parents should be medical facilities in the vicinity. At old age our parents are susceptible to sudden requirement of medical care and attention. That's why it is very vital that the independent community where you wish to keep your parents should have quality medical infrastructure apart from regular check up facilities for the elderly parents.

We are there because of them, by them and for them

Our parents are the reason why we are what we are in life. That's why it is imperative that we remember the ten tips of independence, peer-to-peer interaction, ease of movement, active lifestyle, regular recreation, ease of access, emotional support, peaceful and natural environment, security for the elderly and regular as well as emergency medical care in mind while choosing retirement home for our beloved parents.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      according to chinese beliefs, we should not put old parents into old folks home, but due to circumstances, you had to sometimes


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