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Various Ways To save If Stuck- Through Self Defense

Updated on May 14, 2020
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As a mother of two daughters, I constantly worry about them. But providing them with these amazing tips is the best way out.

Recently I heard the news about, how the number of rapes cases had been increased not only in India but around the globe. It is really disheartening on the part of girls who suffer from the trauma of being sexually assaulted. We can't even imagine how lonely and disheartened they feel like. And now, I strongly believe that it's the time to react and turn off the silence. And if you also take these incidents lightly and assume that it will not happen to you, then let me warn you that you are living in an imaginary world. Every time you can't have someone like your brother, father or your friends to help you around. You should know how to save yourself. So, change your mind from now on, and think about how you can save yourself. There is a lot of emphasis on providing training of martial arts and karate to girls.

What is Self-Defense Training?

Self-Defense is the training and techniques provided to defend oneself from targeted crime and violence.

Under this training program, women and girls are trained to deal with different situations like what to do if someone is stalking? If someone tries to kidnap you then how can you help yourself? What to do if someone acts indecently? The actual motive is to build confidence among girls that they can face every difficulty firmly. In addition to this, martial arts training is also provided so that they can protect themselves.

What to do in Adverse Conditions?

For this, first of all, you should keep yourself aware everywhere. You should know what is happening around you. By being aware of the activities happening around you, you are in a position to avoid any kind of mishappening. That is, due to your precautions the accident can be avoided.

If someone tries to attack you then try to protect yourself. Take all possible measures for your defence. Without wasting time, try to hit the delicate organs of the attackers like throat, nose and eyes vigorously. It will take 10 to 15 seconds for the attackers to come out of the situation, meanwhile, you can run away and can call someone for help by crying out loud.

Which direction to run?

Before deciding to run, make sure in which direction you can get help. It will be better to run towards the market, bus stop, metro station, hospital or police station. Try to run in the direction where you can get the assistance immediately.

What to do in case of Sudden Attack?

When you are attacked suddenly and you find yourself in trouble, then request someone to help you. Always keep a small weapon like keys or body spray with you, so that if someone attacks suddenly, then you can hit him with keys or spray on his eyes. By the way, it is always necessary for the girls to escape themselves at the time of danger. You may know Judo karate or martial arts but if there is a chance, try to run first and if there is no chance to escape then try to overcome the situation with your techniques.

How to get away from a four-wheeler teasing?

Several times it has been seen that when you are stuck in traffic or if your car stops at a red light, many people in the front car tries to make obscene snaps on you or try to tease by shouting loudly. In such a case try not to react and secretly take a photo of them from your mobile. Then go home and show the pictures to your family and decide whether to file a complaint to the police or not. But if these people harass you, again and again, then it would be more relevant to take some serious action against them instead of avoiding and ignoring them.

What to do if someone stares at you?

Many boys are in a habit of starting at girls by which girls become uncomfortable and tend to gaze and move around, because of which they are much motivated. In such a situation, don't be fragile, rather look into their eyes, and ask them , why are you staring? It will definitely make them fragile.

If you are stuck and don't know any technique

The best thing to do in such a situation is to run away. If you are not able to do so then try to strike the attackers chin or eyes with whatever things you have whether a pen or a mobile. Hit his throat with your nails and press his legs with your heels. This will put the attacker in a defensive mode for a few seconds and this will be the best time to run away and protect yourself.

If you know the self-defense techniques but can't apply?

The quality of self-defense is not such a knowledge that once learned it will always be effective. Self-defense is the whole process of awareness and if women want to become strong in it then it has to be a part of their lifestyle. This cannot be learned just by attending 2-4 classes. Not only this, if you want to make self-defense a strong weapon then practice it every day without waiting for an accident to happen. There is also a problem, that women often engage in self-defense classes with great enthusiasm at the beginning but then forget it absolutely. So, you need to practice it continuously to avail its maximum advantage.

Secondly, it is also true that the body language of most of the women is not such that they scare offenders or force them to think before committing crimes. This means that even the idea of self defense becomes successful when women learn the qualities of self-defense as well as expressing courage and confidence with their body language.

Various aspects women should pay attention

  • Do not make a rule to go through the same path every day, sometimes it's better to change the way and time also.
  • If you are going alone outside the house avoid wearing jewellery because it can create a problem for you.
  • Choose a crowded route instead of a deserted one.
  • When returning from the office at night, try to use the lift instead of the stairs as it is safer.
  • Instead of taking a lift from an unknown, use public transport auto, bus or metro.
  • If the bus stop is deserted, stand at a nearby shop and be alert.
  • If you are hiring a taxi, note the number also.
  • Never listen to songs on the mobile in a deserted place as you will not have any idea of what is happening around you.
  • Do not talk to strangers. Take care of dignity and decency while talking.
  • Wear clothes according to the atmosphere, your dressing sense should always suit you.

"Feeling confident in your ability to protect yourself empowers you to live with less fear and more Freedom"-

Nicole Sundine


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