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Singing To Your Children

Updated on January 25, 2012

Great Music Your Little Ones Will Love

Singing to your children

Have you ever wondered why a teacher of young children sings so many songs in a day? It’s not because she likes to hear her own voice. But rather it’s because it soothes children and helps them focus their attention. Whether you are soothing their anxieties during a transition to another room or down the hall or just getting them to help pick up, it calms and helps them collect their thoughts and process your instructions through the song. The melody and the short repetitive lyrics help them to remember in a fun way what they are supposed to be doing. If you sing an instruction, they are less likely to tune you out because they start singing along, instead of ignoring the direction they have heard so many times before. And as they are singing along with you it is a much more natural process for the body to follow along.

I can tell a child to remember to use your walking feet as we go down the hall. But more than likely if that child slows down another will try to speed up just so they can be told the same thing. They all want the attention and do what it takes to get it. But if I start singing "We're Walking Down The Hall", more often than not, I will get most of the children singing along and walking with me because of the rhythm of the song and the fun they have singing it.

So here are some songs that are fun to use for transitions during your day or just to grab your child’s attention.

WE’RE WALKING DOWN THE HALL Tune: If You're Happy and You Know it

We’re walking down the hall, down the hall.

We’re walking down the hall, down the hall.

We’re walking down the hall, so we don’t trip and fall

We’re walking down the hall, down the hall.

IF YOU’RE READY FOR A STORY Tune: If You’re Happy And You Know It

If you’re ready for a story, come sit down.
If you’re ready for a story, come sit down.
Let’s all gather near, so everyone can hear.
If you’re ready for a story, come sit down.

BARNEY’S CLEANUP SONG (It’s already known by most you might as well use it lol)

Clean up, Clean up, everybody everywhere.

Clean up, Clean up, everybody do your share.

(another verse)

Clean up, Clean up, put your things away.

Clean up, Clean up, to use another day!

WHO CAN DO WHAT I’M DOING? Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb (attention grabber)

Who can do what I'm doing, I'm doing, I'm doing.

Who can do what I'm doing just like this?

Let’s all do what I’m doing, I’m doing, I’m doing.

Let’s all do what I’m doing, just like this.

LET’S ALL MAKE A CIRCLE Tune: We’re Following the Leader from Disney’s Peter Pan

Let’s all make a circle, a circle, a circle.

Lets all make a circle so big and so round.

( if the kids need more encouragement you can add “with and add names of all the kids)

Let’s all make a circle, a circle, a circle.

Lets all make a circle, drop hands and sit down.

WE’RE FOLLOWING THE TEACHER (THE MAMA) Tune: We’re Following the Leader

We’re following the teacher, the teacher, the teacher.

We’re following the teacher wherever she may go.

We’re headed out the door, the door, the door.

We’re headed out the door so we can play outside.

PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE RAIL Tune: If You’re Happy & You Know It

Put your hands on the rail, on the rail

Put your hands on the rail, on the rail

Put your hands on the rail so you don’t fall on your tail.

Put your hands on the rail, on the rail

A song you may want to sing at home after picking your child up from preschool:

WHAT DID YOU DO IN SCHOOL TODAY Tune: Mary had a little lamb

What did you do in school today, school today, school today?

What did you do in school today?

Today I played with play dough. Or Today I played with Sara.

These are just a few of the songs that can be used as transitions between activities. Of course I have an even bigger list of songs that apply to our themes that we use each week. I find that songs help get a child’s attention and help them focus on the behavior you want them doing. And most any tune can be used with verses you make up on your own. Plus the internet has a wealth of ideas for more songs if you just search a bit. I hope you will add a few songs to your day at home with your young children and not just as you’re rocking them to sleep. Music is an art they can never have too much of in their lives. So start now and keep singing with your little ones.

Anita Renfroe singing entire day's instructions to child in 3 min

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