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School Student Planner Agenda Books - An Element of Success

Updated on September 26, 2011

Student Agenda Planners

Plan to do stuff and it might get done! In the end its your grade, why stay back over something stupid like Homework or Missed Projects?
Plan to do stuff and it might get done! In the end its your grade, why stay back over something stupid like Homework or Missed Projects?

Plan for Success

School college or high school both are very busy nowadays and very overwhelming to students. It might be the first time you step foot in high school or college and really dont know what will be coming you way. The work itself isnt really that hard, you learn and develop like normally but remembering everything is the hardest part of it all. Having a place to remind you of your homework, projects, and other special school events are critical to being successful. Most students forget they had an assignment, mostly over the weekend or vacations! At these schooling levels they will tell you your homework, they wont tell you to write it down or put it in your notebook - thats all up to you now. You had a plan boring Agenda book in elementary and middle school, well now its time to keep up with agenda books or a more formal name, Student Planner. These notebook calenders make excellent reminders of when assignments and events are. Heres some reasons on what they often help you remember:

  • Homework - Every Assignment stands a better chance of being completed if you know you have it. You can jot down page numbers and write what you have to do with any extra demands from your teacher (Like double space only!)
  • Projects - Projects normally have due dates over a week or two time, how the hell will you remember what day its due and to keep working on it? Make some notes for yourself on the day its due and make a few reminders every other day - it cant hurt and it might save your grade.
  • Extracurricular Activities - Write down when you have football practice or what day you might need to bring in Ouran High School Host Club for Anime Club xD
  • Events - Field Days, going to the movies, whatever just dont forget!
  • Birthdays - I know Facebook tells you when its your friends birthday, but honestly some people like having it down on paper ;)
  • Job Interviews - You miss it, you dont get work.

Of course there are many things you can list in your planner. Some schools give students an agenda book/ student planner that they cant use, a lot dont. Also a lot dont like the ones they are given. Student Planners come in many different colors and themes that can help make school a little more fun while your sitting there - they might even make you check it more often (A Twilight one for example *Rolls Eyes*.) Regardless of what you use it for, its a great habit to at least write your homework down, and its a lot more handy to have an already dated printed planner then having to take a piece of paper, date it, and write down the assignment all within the 2 minutes your trying to rush out of class and go home for a nice Cheese Steak Sub or Hamburger!


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    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      I wrote them all a few days I published, then got them all out at once.


    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Very important-those agenda books. I use a planner every day and I'm grateful that the schools have integrated the 'student planner' into there requirements for students. It helps us parents keep on top of what the kids are 'supposed' to be doing. LOL thanks thranax

    • MKayo profile image

      MKayo 6 years ago from Texas

      Using them for the first year in our 6 student homeschool - love them! Next step, get them to use a day planner for everyday stuff AND school. Keeping my fingers crossed. Great Hub. Thx

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