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Summer activities for senior citizens

Updated on August 16, 2017

Those good at idioms always say, when the cat is away the mice will play.I need to bend the rule and say,when the cold weather is at bay the senior citizens will play.Indeed like anyone else the senior citizens have the right to enjoy the sunny days. Who said old age should bring misery and isolation? Hats off to all the senior citizens who have made this world habitable and enjoyable to all of us. They have contributed immensely by working so hard and paying their taxes to boost the economies of various nations of this great planet Earth.It is fitting for them to retire in style.Lest we forget their efforts in making this world sweeter and habitable.

After winter, summer is sure to come.Summer comes but once a year.When it finally arrives,it is time for our senior citizens to turn off the heating,televisions and reduce their heating bills. It is the ideal time for them to leave the house and stretch their legs walking to the woods and the park to have some fun.The able bodied people in our communities should initiate programs tailor-made to suit the needs of elders.

The elders have wisdom, they have been there, they need activities which keep them up and running.They are the cream of the crop,they deserve better attention and enjoyment this summer. Old age may bring isolation and loneliness so society should plan activities for them which keep them company and make them mobile and interact with other elderly peers.

The elders should feel that the society do care about them and appreciate their long lives and services to mother earth for the good of humanity.What can our elders do to kill time in summer? They say a laugh a day can make us live longer and can keep us away from the doctor's surgery.If our senior citizens can be identified and get organised into community groups where they can gather once a month and have a chat and a laugh over tea and biscuits,this could add some sense of belonging into their lives.They could embark on art projects, this can keep them occupied and can also contribute positively to the community.

Some elderly people live alone and are so lonely such that the only companions they now know are their dogs Bingo and Racer.Giving them an opportunity to meet other elderly peers in the community make them feel that they are not alone in this world and they are still loved and valued as worth beings.They can share old memories. Some can even find love, why not?They have a rich and treasured past so it can be useful if they can be organized into poetry clubs.

They can read poems to each other or go to schools just to teach our youths on good morals and to live longer e.g. by avoiding drugs and gang culture. Elders are role models so let's capitalize on the rich experiences to educate our youths. Elders could be an asset to the future generations and an effective resource base when it comes to educating the youths about societal expectations..Most of our senior citizens end up depressed because of loneliness and isolation - indeed loneliness kills.

Let us be there for them this summer.The wisdom handed down to us by these elders is that,a friend in need is a friend indeed.So let us fulfill this saying by delivering what it expects us to do.It expects us to give love, joy and hope to our senior citizens.They should be kept entertained this summer.

Arranging able elders into small groups to grow some flowers at a nearby park is not abuse but it is a form of making them exercise and a form of displaying the skills they can share with the community. Everyone loves flowers so this project sounds viable and can make the elders have some extra pocket money.If a certain park can be named after the group, it would be an honour to them which would last forever.They can also grow vegetables for sale or consumption.Writing clubs for the elderly can be started. Most elderly people are very poetic - we can capitalise on their talents and produce poetry books.

They have lived long enough and they are blessed with life's experiences.if this resource base is tapped into,I am certain that their rich and enjoyable legacy of short stories and poetry can benefit the community, their loved ones and their grandchildren. Likewise some might end up writing bestsellers and add a fortune to their pension pots. If the brain is activity it keeps the mentally fit rather leaving isolated in their homes. They end up being couch potatoes which would detrimental to their health.

There are some able elders who used to enjoy fishing if they would be arranged into fishing cooperatives I am sure they would have some fun at the same time having some fish for a meal. Fishing is a good recreational activity.Some elders might have been good singers during their youthful years organizing them into a choir can be harmless fun. Some even know how to make or play the drum so it would be wise to let them teach the future generations how to play and make these instruments.As long as they are kept busy they are sure to enjoy their cherished status of being senior citizens. A happy mind is the temple of God so let's engage our senior citizens into a hive of activities so that they feel loved and wanted.

Those who are good at art can leave a permanent mark in the community in which they live. I know of one senior citizen who left a legacy of teaching all young boys in his immediate community how to play the drum and saxophone. Let us be behind our senior citizens and organize summer activities for them for recreational purposes. Fingers crossed we would benefit from the activities in the long run.It is a matter of give and take and its worth the effort. Our elders are our hope and torchbearers of life's experiences.They deserve some outdoor fun this summer.Let us all join hands and make it happen this summer.


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