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Child Tantrums in Public

Updated on January 5, 2014

Dear Parents,

Temper Tantrums in public can be embarrassing for parents. Read my article on how to prevent and stop humiliating outbursts from your toddler or preschooler.


Miss Megan :)


How to Prevent The Tantrum

1. Consistency

- Stick to a daily schedule; your toddler with thrive in an environment in which they know what is coming next.

- Have consistent rules and consequences; parents who are not consistent send mixed messages to young children.

2. Communication

- Talk to your child. Give your child advanced warning when you are planning an errand or trip.

3. Expectations

- Tell your child what is expected of them. Go over appropriate behaviors, and why that behavior is appropriate.

- Think about what could go wrong BEFORE you get there. Think about WHY your child might have a tantrum. Be preventive and talk to your child about these issues.

How to Stop The Tantrum

1. Breathe

Take a deep breath. Remind yourself that this part of your child's development. They are struggling emotionally and it is YOUR job to teach them coping skills to manage their emotions in a more positive way.

2. 2 Choices

Give your child 2 acceptable choices. For example, you could tell your child "Your choice is to stop crying OR we are going to leave and go home".

Your child wants to be with you and go to fun and exciting places but they need to learn acceptable behavior.

If your child continues to throw a tantrum, you should pick your child up and go home. Yes, this might disrupt your schedule because you will have to go back to the store later. This is part of parenting. Your child is learning social and emotional development. The groceries and errands can wait.

3. Be Confident

Be confident in your parenting skills. Do not let onlookers make you feel like an ill-equipped parent. You are a loving and capable parent.

4. Stay Calm

Do not engage in an argument with your toddler. After you have explained the two choices, give your child a moment to stop the tantrum. Encourage them breathe. Give your child a strategy to calm down (a special blanket or toy, a hug, or a drink of water, etc.).

If they do not calm down, you will need to pick them up and go home.

5. Recap

Once everyone is calm and recovered talk to your child about what happened and how to solve the problem next time.

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