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Warning: Your Teenager Is Paying Attention to You

Updated on January 7, 2013
Pre-teens and Teens hanging out
Pre-teens and Teens hanging out | Source

They still need us after all

As our kids get older sometimes we get the feeling they aren't paying attention to us old people anymore but nothing could be farther from the truth. Our kids look to us for acceptance and affirmation just as much as they did when they were in the second grade saying, "Watch me! Watch me!".

Your opinion of your teenager strongly affects your teenagers opinion of themselves. I can't stress that enough! If you think they are strong and beautiful and worth respect, they will think that too. If you can't be bothered and always have a quick insult to share because his/her interests or style is different than yours then, your teen will inevitably feel that who they are isn't good enough.

It's their job to act as though they don't care what we think because they don't need us anymore. It's our job to know that they do! That's why they are the kids and we are the adults.

Message from a girl to her parents
Message from a girl to her parents | Source

Daily Encouragement and Support

Compliment your child everyday.

Point out something wonderful about your teenager everyday.They are probably spending a lot of time worrying about things other people have that they don’t.

For instance, ‘That girl has longer hair’ or ‘That guy always gets picked first for the team’. We all know what that feels like and it’s not good.

Your teen might forget or overlook all of their own wonderful qualities and get stuck in the rut of never feeling good enough.

Remind them how beautiful they or what an amazing sence of humor they have. Tell your teen that their behavior at dinner was really great and that the family at wouldn’t be complete without them.

Some days it’s harder than others to point out the good in people but even on those days, It is exptremely important.

I know you think your kid is amazing! Do they know it?

Always remember that families love each other, even when they are unlovable.

Message from a boy to his parents
Message from a boy to his parents | Source

Support Your Teens Ambitions

Resist the urge to pigeon Hole your teen.

Teenage years are filled with changes. Your son or daughter is not the same little kid anymore. Their interests and strengths are changing so you have to pay close attention to keep up.

Don’t assume that they wouldn't like something just because they've never shown an interest before. If your daughter wants to wear a dress but she’s always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, encourage it. Don’t tease her for it.

If your son mentions playing a sport or taking up skiing, don’t laugh and tell him how clumsy or lazy he has always been.

Your teenager is trying to figure out what their interests and talents are so they needs to try different things.

Their home and family is supposed to be safe and judgment free. You may tell them that you’re “just kidding” or whatever but the fact is those negative comments hurt deeply and alter the way your teen views themselves.

It is really sad when repeated comments make the teen afraid to try new things. It’s selfish. Don’t judge them or make them feel stupid to try new things, praise him or her for it!

It takes courage to step out of the comfort zone.


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    • profile image

      Giggles 3 years ago

      Ppl like you get all the brnisa. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

    • roxanne459 profile image

      Roxanne Lewis 6 years ago from Washington

      Thank you so much Sassydee!!

    • sassydee profile image

      Delilah 6 years ago from los angeles, ca

      i really like this one #6 voted up and useful and awesome keep up the good work.


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