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Mother's Day Poem

Updated on May 2, 2015

The High and Noble Task

Motherhood is God’s awesome creation,

Her name is filled with loving from the heart,

Motherhood deserves standing ovation,

A precious gift right from life’s very start.

Motherhood is God extending healing,

To touch and hold those wounded and alone

Motherhood is God expressing comfort,

To remind us that we’re never on our own.

Motherhood is an exalted position,

For far too long that nations have disdained.

Motherhood will cause a nation to prosper;

Their offspring trained and shaped as He ordained.

Motherhood, a high and noble task

A calling that is mighty in His sight,

So on this day, I honour you my Mum,

For being in my life, a guiding light.


I rise up now and call you ever blessed,

For time and time again, you’ve been right there,

With patience and endurance through life’s tests,

Forgiving me and teaching me to care.

So much has been unsaid for what you’ve done,

So deep within your heart I pray you’ll know,

That all my yesterdays are never gone,

For I reap the goodness now of what you sowed.

In moulding me to be the best I can,

I thank you for the time that you have spent,

I want you now to know, was not in vain,

For knowing you’re my Mum, I am content.

It’s not the hardship or the suffering,

That stand out in reflection of my years,

It’s remembrance of your soothing gentle ways,

That held me close and wiped away my tears.

My love for you abides in wings that soar,

With heartfelt gratefulness for all you are,

In heaven, abundant treasures are in store,

For my Mother ... whose love has reached the highest star.

© J.M.Smith 1995


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