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The Long Term Ramifications of Online Photos Protect The Children

Updated on June 30, 2010

Teach Children To Protect Their Future

Hello and Welcome,

Do you know exactly what your children upload to the Internet? Do you know an adolescent who is uploading inappropriate images of themselves and uploading them to the Internet? Are you a parent who feels uncomfortable discussing the consequences with your child who you feel is uploading sexy, nude or inappropriate images to the net?

High tech technology can intimidate many people because of how fast technology changes and to people who did not grow up with computers many people don't understand how easy it is to find information about anything or anyone. Cell phones have the ability to take a picture, web cams come a dime a dozen and cameras come in sizes of your thumb or finger. Yes, cameras do come that small and are very easy to keep discreet.

Teaching children at a very early age is necessary to protect their future. They are not mature enough to understand the consequences involved when they upload images which may not be admirable to their future. We must preach and teach them to protect themselves at all times. We must repeat ourselves (even when they say they understand) to them over and over again to increase the chances of them NOT making a huge mistake.

If you can remember being a teenager I would think you can remember how awkward you felt. Growing pains are tough and unless you have a parental figure up your A_s and watching your every move and teaching you to respect yourself and love yourself, that adolescent stage of life can be damaging to the rest of your life. I remember being a teenager and I can recall the insecurities and feeling not good enough but I was one of the lucky ones who had a good family who taught me right from wrong which helped me with my growing pains.

It's the year 2010 and the high technology world the teenagers live with everyday is a norm to an adolescent. It's not their fault but teenagers are taught to use technology in everything they do which can make it so easy for someone to create a tough future for girls or boys. Teenagers don't give it a second thought. Teenagers aren't mature enough to understand what they do at fifteen can cause damage to their long term goals. Teenagers don't think about that great fulfilling job they might want to apply to when they are twenty-five. They don't think about an employer doing a google search to find out more about them or who they were at one time. Having high technology is just a part of their everyday lives.

Many of my followers here at Hubpages might be asking why is Michelle writing about such a topic. I pay attention to young people and I have young friends who question me about life in general. I'm not a mom yet so that makes me cool, hip and up with the times. Instead of telling them about my young mistakes (grateful I didn't make many huge mistakes) I am always willing to talk about what can happen in the here and now and explain how different it was before computers and high technology came around. I know life without computers. I didn't get my first computer until I was 31-years-old. The looks I get from them is unreal. They ask me what I did without computers in my spare time. I laugh and tell them but they find it amusing. I also read about horrible stories and hear the stories on the news. I see young people everyday leaving school and watch how they hang out and the things they do and of course one of their friends have a cell phone taking pictures.

We've all been there. Young people feel indispensable and feel nothing can ever happen to them. It's just par for the course. I felt it could not hurt to write an article so it can get indexed to search engines in the hopes of any teenager or parent searching the web to learn more about what can happen to teenagers and what they are up against everyday in this computer high-technical world. How someone either purposely or inadvertently can hurt your child's future. Gosh, if I ever have a child, I would probably have to take a class to teach me how to protect my child from computer harm.

Something to think about or something to share with your children whether it be a girl or a boy.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Girls Gone Wild. It's a video tape created by some young guy who thought it was a great idea to tape young drunk girls showing their breasts, asses and more of their private areas. Do you feel many of those girls don't regret what they did? Do you think they appreciated being used to make some guy BILLIONS of dollars? I did some research and Girls Gone Wild was created by a guy named Joe Francis. Clicking on the name will let you read how they got these girls to expose themselves and all for T-shirts, shorts and caps but this guy Joe and the production company make BILLIONS of dollars per year creating the videos. Tell your kids that and make them read the discussion. It should help them open their eyes.

Here are a few links to learn how to protect your children. Read, learn and teach.

Read the Abstract of this webpage. Peer pressure. It happens everyday.

After doing research and reading more, I never thought of s e x t i n g. It leads to inappropriate photos. A must read.

OK, if you know someone who might benefit from this Hub, pass it along to them whether it be a parent or a young friend.


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