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The Memorial

Updated on March 25, 2014
Memorial Websites
Memorial Websites | Source

Mom didn’t want a funeral service, but I wanted to do something to pay tribute to her life. I started looking online to see if there was a way I could do a Memorial page for her. I found a number of websites that provide that kind of service. I looked at a few websites and decided on It was a very easy format, and overall was very well organized, I loved it!

I had no idea when I signed up with, that doing mom’s Memorial was going to play such an important role in getting me through the initial shock of mom’s death. I was so focused on trying to put together a nice tribute to mom (So that I could add the URL to her Death Announcement in the newspaper), that I wasn’t incapacitated by grief, I was grieving but still productive.

The Memorial really did keep my mind occupied in a positive way. Writing stories from her past, going through old photos, picking piano music to go with the stories. On my part, it was truly a labor of love, but the Memorial became a source of comfort and healing for me.

The Memorial is something that I’ll continue to work on. It’s me doing something for mom even though she’s no longer here. I’ll enjoy changing out the music monthly to keep things fresh. My mom didn’t play the same music on the piano night after night, so why should her Memorial music always remain the same?

I can honestly say that having the Memorial to work on was a positive way to express grief and my love for mom. I would recommend to anyone who has lost someone they love, to invest your time in an online Memorial. It’s a wonderful way to pay tribute to your loved one, and it can truly be a source of comfort for you.

You can also set up the Memorial for others to be able to add stories and photos if you choose. I set up Mom’s in that way for the first six weeks, to give other family members and friends plenty of time to add a story or photo. I have recently changed the setting to where someone would need to let me know that they would like to add a story or photo; only because I’ve seen some explicit materials added to innocent online searches, and I would hate for someone to put something like that on Mom’s Memorial.

I highly recommend Any time I have had a question or needed help with anything, they were very quick to respond by email, and have been very supportive in my time of grief. I’m sure that there are other Memorial websites that are very good as well, but was the perfect fit for me.

March 2014: Paris and the Stranger

A few days ago someone sent a message through my mom’s Memorial. It was a very kind thought and I emailed them back to thank them for taking the time to leave such a lovely message.

The woman (I'll call her Paris because that's where she is from) replied to my email, and in reading her heartfelt words it dawned on me that mom’s Memorial isn’t just a source of therapy for me, it is having a positive effect on others as well.

I have always told my son that, in any given day, you never know what you could be bringing to someone’s life. You could be sewing a seed with something you say in person, or write online (Via memories on a Memorial, a story on Hubpages, or even a simple little Tweet or email)..

My mom’s Memorial touched Paris’ heart, and it makes me feel so very happy to know that, but it also gave Paris an opportunity to sew a seed of warmth and kindness in to a stranger's life; she’ll never know what a gift she gave to me.

Three Sisters Garden - Graphic from the Organic Consumer Association Website
Three Sisters Garden - Graphic from the Organic Consumer Association Website

Three Sisters

Last week I was looking at the area in our yard where we once had a very nice vegetable garden. It was a project I did with my mom. I haven’t had a garden for a few years now and I was thinking that maybe it was time for me to put one in, even if it’s not as big as what we had before.

Our first garden did well, we were very happy with its success, but the next garden didn’t do well at all; I planted what is called a Three Sisters garden, which consists of corn, beans and squash. I thought since the Three Sisters garden didn’t do well, that I would give it another try. So, I looked on line for information on growing that type of garden, and I found a graphic of a really nice layout for a Three Sisters garden. I went to the website, and found that it was created by a woman who is obviously passionate about gardening, as she spoke of wanting to have a very large garden one day.

The "Garden Gal" (As I'll refer to her) so inspired me, that I wanted to see if she had any other webpages having to do with gardens or gardening techniques. While searching, I did come across another webpage that she had published; it was a beautiful tribute that she had written about her mother; who had just recently passed away. (February 2014).

As I read what she had written, I couldn’t help but feel sadness in my heart, because I was familiar with the pain, from which this woman was writing. Her thoughts and memories were lovely of her mother; I think they were so meaningful to me because I too have lost my mom.

How I was feeling, as I read that daughter’s tribute to her mother, must have been the same feeling that the woman (Paris), who emailed me a few days ago, was feeling as she was visiting my mom’s Memorial. Paris related to me in such a way, that she was driven to make contact to let me know, and one day I’ll contact the “Garden Gal” and tell her how very much I appreciate the beautiful Tribute she wrote about her mother.

I’m thankful that I was looking for the Three Sisters garden information, because I would have missed something very special had I not seen the "Garden Gal’s" tribute to her mom. It’s funny how the things that seem to be so much about us exclusively, are the very things that reach out and relate to so many others.

Life, like a garden, is meant to be shared!


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      Earl 4 years ago

      You have created a beautiful memorial on ForeverMissed - just the way it was intended to be used.

      You may be interested in visiting - which has partnered with FM to allow remote access to FM memorial websites.