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the cry of love in your heart

Updated on March 12, 2011

Characteristics of true love, part1


            Love is not wicked like a monster, but love is gentle, meek and powerful. Love is a desire; he desires pleasant and good things, as a monkey desires to be in the kingdom of banana, so does love desires to be in the heart of his co-lover. He suffers long, he believes all things, he endures all things, and he illuminates the heart like a candle does in the dark room. Love waits even when others around are in a hurry, love tarries even if the duty requires haste, love overlooks the smallest and greatest wrong that strikes one like a new arrow after which he gives a smile to say, its done within me, I have forgiven you.

            Love longs to see and fellowship with his co-lover, searches for every opportunity to be with each other, he yearns to see him eat, to watch him sleep, to see him do funny things, take pleasure in seeing the irritating part or shortcomings of his co-lover without being offended. Love never fears, his never frightened, feels safe in the presence of the other, gets a momentary confidence, elevation or growth by walking side by side with each other, he most times finds it difficult to express himself in the presence of his co-lover even though he had, supposedly received confidence somewhere before coming.

            Love loves to see him smile always, he knows the song of the heart of his co-lover and can sing it to him when he has forgotten, and they bear things together. When there is joy or sadness, the first and the last person he wants to share it with is his co-lover, he might not guarantee to make him smile but am sure love would be ready to weep with him. Love is JEALOUS, the moment he occupies a place, he wants no ones else to be there, he frowns when he feels someone else is trespassing, he longs to be the only one in the heart.

            Love speaks the truth, he’s never hideous, he seeks to know the truth, he’s disgusted with any feeling of dishonesty, he is concerned about his lover’s wishes, he wishes the best. When everyone around is discouraged, when everyone else has written one off, when nobody is left to look to at some critical stage in life, yet love remains. Oh! How wonderful and sweet true love is, who can experience this? But very unfortunate true love is scarce, you hardly find it. He resides gently in the heart of such people and cools every other thing down. There is peace, a\calmness and gentleness. He is not too common.

            In conclusion, better is the first love of a woman but blessed is the last love of a man.


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