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Tips on Helping Your Child to Read

Updated on January 22, 2015

Best Teaching Tips

Practice reading with books that interest your child.

Read with them everyday and have them read to you for15-20 minutes a day.

Draw stories about favorite stories to help with recalling the sequence of the story. Act out stories or have a puppet show.

Choose a comfortable place to read. Make it your special reading place. Have a particular shelf in the area for your child's books.

Make regular trips to the local library and reading events.

Make flashcards of sight words or words that will be in an upcoming book.

Print out reading worksheets from the Internet. There are many sites that have printable worksheets by grade level.

Recognize his or her ideas and input.

When listening to your child read, make sure to react at the opportune times. Listen without interrupting.

Praise and enthusiasm is important and should be often.

Show his or her you are interested by asking questions.

Give your child time to figure out the more difficult words. Make sure the selected books are not too difficult.

Taking turns reading is a good idea. You could alternate with reading the pages.

Fun Reading Games

Have a treasure hunt with clues written down that you could help them read, examples like "I rhyme with floor and you have to open me to find me. You keep your clothes in here too."

When the get to that clue for the next clue you could write down, You put clothes in here and it goes round and (round or square). It (dries or cries) them?

All these little kind of clues will get them familiar with words.

Another idea is drawing pictures with space lines underneath but only put in two letters. Make a long sentence with it and then have them make one for you to solve.

The fishing game- use construction paper and trace and cut out pictures of fish. On each fish put a letter. place a paper clip on each fish and put in a bucket. make a fishing rod out of a straw or stick with a string and at the end of the string a magnet. each take turns fishing and as soon as you are able to spell you first word with your catches you win!

My children loved these games.


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