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Tips on how to survive if you are a single parent

Updated on January 31, 2015

There are tips on how to survive being a single parent

Being a parent is the most challenging task in the world. How much more when you are alone and faced with the responsibility of raising your children. It is not easy but it can be done. remember their future depends on you.

  • Make the most of your time. If you are a working single parent, proper disposal of time is very important. Child care is not easy and you have the problem of where to leave your child if you are out working. Find a job which gives you leeway of your time.
  • Set a well defined schedule and stick to it. No matter what happens you must have a schedule on things to be done in the day, go ahead with your plan and stick to it.
  • Choose a day care which is near the area of your work and your house so that transporting the child is easy and you can save more time
  • Prioritize time with your children, it has been noted in recent surveys that children with divorced parents or were raised in a single parent household has more problem in their youth.
  • Save money for the rainy season. Not only that you need to have a savings always in case you might need it anytime.
  • Secure the children's health by buying health insurance
  • Talk to the father/mother of your child so that you can have a nice arrangement for the care of your children. Disregard past differences and settle your dispute in a nice way and work on your relationship as parents.
  • If the dad or mom is already dead, explain the circumstances to the child, so that they can understand what is going on
  • If you are not the sole custodian of your child, make sure that you gave your financial share and make time for your children.
  • Don’t lose hope and just think that children are given to you because you can take care of them.
  • Seek emotional support from your friends and your own parents too.
  • Focus on the children and always decide on things based on what is good for them.


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    • FL2BoysMom profile image

      FL2BoysMom 5 years ago

      I have to agree with Lynne Chandler... Tip 1 alone is virtually all but impossible in this economy. You'll be lucky to even get a job, especially if they know you're a 'single' parent, and if you do, you'll need to bend over backwards just to keep the job. Also.. it's nearly impossible to 'save' when you're the sole income, if you're not in a very high paying field.

    • sunkentreasure profile image



      Bless your children with the power of prayer

      Celebrate their uniqueness

      Feed them encouragement and inspiration

      and let them feel they are greatly loved.

      Teach your children the beauty of kindness

      Enrich them with the wonders of nature

      Fill their hearts with joyful melody

      and always be their friend.

      Clothe your children in goodness

      Make their world full of nice surprises

      Help them to follow their dreams

      and thank God they came into your life.

      © Bernard Levine

    • EyesStraightAhead profile image

      Shell Vera 6 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Great tips. It is good to read tips from another person and see I am already doing many of them. I do have to get better at keeping a schedule though! Thank you for sharing!

    • AuniceReed profile image

      Aunice Yvonne Reed 6 years ago from Southern California

      There are some really good tips here. I especially like #11 "Seek emotional support from your friends and your own parents..."

    • profile image

      Cara Moffat 7 years ago

      Great advice, however I have learned to not rely on my children's father. Sometimes it is healthier for parent and children to not be dependent on people that have proven to be inconsistent and uninvolved.

    • alexandriaruthk profile image

      alexandriaruthk 8 years ago from US

      thanks so much Lynnechandler! I appreciate your help!

    • profile image

      lynnechandler 8 years ago

      Good tips! I'd like to see an explanation after each one though and more pics. Maybe add in some amazon links to books on the subject. Single parenting is hard work and tips are always helpful.