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Toddler Wii games

Updated on November 23, 2015

Since the motion sensitive Nintendo Wii console has been released, it has become clear that Wii games are great fun, for the whole family. If you have a toddler and a Wii you have probably asked yourself: "Which Wii games are suitable for my toddler?" In this article we will review the best Nintendo toddler Wii games. You are sure to find something that your toddler will love to play.

It's worth mentioning that initially toddlers are really bad at some of the games which I will recommend. This doesn't mean that they don't enjoy playing or that they don't get better at them, over time.

Trailer Wii Carnival Games

Carnival Games

Carnival games has 20 or so simple fun games, similar to the ones you play at a carnival. Many of the games are more dependent on your movements than on accurate clicking, making them easier for toddlers to play. Here are some of the games which toddlers enjoy:

Spilled Milk: In this game you trow a ball at a stack of three milk bottles. You hold the Wii remote like a ball, then you simulate the trowing motion. There is a little mark on the screen that helps you with your aim.

Balloon Darts: This one is loads of fun you hold the Wii remote like a dart, then you move it like you are throwing it.The target's are some balloons.

Hoop Toss:In this one you toss a basketball through a hoop using the remote. You can turn the remote while the ball is in the air guiding it through the hoop with spin.

Ring Toss: You throw a hoop at a number of bottles, trying to get it over one of them. It is quite accurate and very fun. This one makes you feel like you are really at a carnival.

Hole in One: In this game you try to put a golf ball into a hole.

I think this game could help a toddler's hand eye coordination quite a bit.

Best toddler Wii games
Best toddler Wii games

Wii Sports Resort

Sport Resort features a number of fun sport games on a tropical island. This game comes with the addon to the Wii remote which improves the Wii's motion sensitivity, the Wii Motionplus.

Swordplay: Toddlers enjoy this event the most. You swing at a human or computer apponent with a foam sword. The point of the event is to push them off the platform that you are on.

Cycling: Easy little game where you compete in a cycling race.

Sky-Diving: Also an easy one, you jump out of a plane and then try to hook up with the other jumpers.

Canoeing: This is similar to cycling, but a bit more difficult.

Waverunning: In this one you are on a jet ski doing tricks for points.

Frisbee: With this game you trow a Frisbee to a dog who then catches it out of the air.

Ping Pong: You wouldn't think that a toddler would have the coordination to play ping pong, but 3 year olds really love this game.

Other games: Basketball, wakeboarding, bowling and golf.

Best Wii games for toddlers
Best Wii games for toddlers

Super Mario Galaxy

A toddler couldn't play this Wii game on their own, but Super Mario Galaxy has a parent child mode in which you play and your toddler can help you collect items.The gems and coins give Mario jump boosts. The Co-star can also distract Mario's enemies.

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