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Top 5 Items Every Expecting Parent Needs

Updated on August 26, 2008

Oh Baby!

Perhaps you are an expecting parent or you need some ideas for a gift for a baby shower you have been invited to. Well search no more, I'll tell you some pretty cool items that I think a lot of expecting parents will need once baby arrives.

Most of these items can be found at Babies R Us, and other retail stores.

1. Mesh Feeder

These are by far the coolest thing ever invented for a baby. It doesn't take long for your baby to want to try to eat what Mom & Dad are eating - yet they still lack the skills of chewing and swallowing. This is where the mesh feeders are life savers. You can stick anything in these things and the baby basically chews the food through the mesh, preventing the risk of choking on a large piece.

Some great things you can put in them: fruit, veggies, crackers, ice (good for teething), gerber puffs.

Once my son got older, but was still too young for anything more then baby food, the mesh feeder really came in handy. Especially in restaurants - While we were eating, I let him eat with us too by placing something in his mesh feeder. He really liked that he could eat with us and I liked that I could enjoy my meal before it got cold.

CONS: These are very hard to clean. Banana seems the hardest to get out. I reccommened the kind that have mesh bag refills. Also once baby gets a tooth, there is a risk he/she can chew a hole in it and risk getting a big chunk of food in his/her mouth. Always watch your baby when they are using the mesh feeder!

2. Lansinoh Cream

If you choose to breastfeed this is worth the buy. It can seem pretty expensive (Runs about $8 for a small tube), but you'll be glad you have it when the time comes that you need it. The cream will keep your nipples from becoming too sore and cracked. It also seems to help them feel better if they have already become sore or cracked.

No need to worry about having to wipe it off before you nurse - it's 100% safe for the baby to consume. It will not hurt your baby. You can even use it as chap stick!

3. Formula Dispenser

These are pretty neat and really come in handy for the formula feeding mom. Most come with 4 sections and you can measure out before you leave home how much powdered formula you'll need for whatever size bottle you are carrying with you.

I remember when my husband and I first took our son out. I breast fed at home, but fed him formula when away from home. We had no idea how to transport a bottle of formula with us and keep it fresh. I think I recall mixing a bottle and putting it in one of those carry around cooler type bags. But once my son wanted his bottle I realized the milk was way too cold for him. I ended up getting a cup of hot water from a near by cafe and putting the bottle in that. It took us a few times to realize we could just mix the powder with water when we NEEDED it, rather then mixing it before leaving home.

These still come in handy for us today as well. Our son no longer drinks formula, but it works well to carry small snacks, like gold fish crackers, in my diaper bag without them getting crushed.

4. Sling

Some mom's might feel a little weird "wearing" their baby. But this was the BEST baby item purchase I made. It has come in hand so often, I don't know what I would have done without it. When he was little he would sleep in it while I surfed the internet or did whatever I needed to do. He weighs nearly 30 pounds today and I still carry him in it on my hip. My hands are free - he's secure - and my back and arms aren't falling a sleep!

There are many many types of slings you can buy, or even make yourself. Ring slings are popular and can be made rather cheaply if you own a sewing machine or know someone who does.

I purchased mine on ebay used because I had a budget.

This is the brand I own and LOVE:

You can get a lot more info and do some research here:

5. Diaper Bag

Yeah this one is pretty obvious. You need a diaper bag. I don't know how you could leave your house without one.There are a ton of options when it comes to picking the right diaper bag. I suggest not getting one too small, but not getting a huge one either! Remember, you have to carry this with you!

I like handmade ones. You can find these on Etsy and other crafty sites. Most are made my moms, so they know what a good diaper bag needs.

You also can find a diaper bag anywhere. The one I currently use is actually a bag I bought at a craft store. But it's heavy duty, a good size, and works great as a diaper bag.


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    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 8 years ago from London

      The Lahnisol cream is a life saver!

      Our nappy bag was made by a mother, mine. It's extremely well laid-out, she was on her 4th baby when she made it (-:

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      useful list