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Top tips when considering an adoption

Updated on May 21, 2011

Considering starting a family is a big decision for every couple. For many people this involves many different things. For some, it’s about setting aside time to have a baby in the middle of their busy schedules. For other people, it involves adopting a child into their existing family. If you have decided to adopt a child due to personal or other reasons, it’s a great thing. Besides being something commendable it is also a process that requires much thought beforehand.  Adopting a child is a momentous and overwhelming decision. It is important to understand a few things before you decide to make this big choice.

Here are some things to consider:

Understand what is involves as a parent: Adoption is a process which involves many steps legally, emotionally and financially. Be sure that you know all the processes involved and spend time understanding them.

Resolve your personal issues: Do you have any thing that is bothering you? Are there fertility issues or a miscarriage that you are coping with. Discuss with someone trusted or a therapist how ready you are as a couple or single parent to take this beautiful new step.

Know about your lifestyle choices and what it entails: In some states rules regarding adoption for single parents or homosexual couples are different. Knowing the ramifications involved in adopting a child is important.

Spend time thinking about the age of the child: You will need to commit to caring for the child you adopt emotionally, financially and physically. You have to spend time deciding how old the child should be, what would be the best way to care for his/her needs and more.

Consider an interracial adoption: If you are looking to find a child outside of your ethnicity or from another country, the procedures would be very different. Make sure you know all that you need to before preparing for it.

Read up about international and domestic adoption. Also make sure you are aware of common psychological and medical conditions in case of foster children so you are better equipped to help your child cope with it when the time comes. With all this in place, your journey to being a parent will be all the more fulfilling. 


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