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What to Expect When Your Expecting Teenage Boys!!

Updated on July 24, 2019
Monica Faye1983 profile image

Three years of teenage boy craziness and many more to go! My life as their mom has for sure kept me on my feet. I do the best I can do!


Top 7 What to Expect when you have Teenage Boys

So, when you are holding that precious baby boy in your arms, and you are sitting there thinking that your world is perfect. Your baby boy is so sweet and cute and has that baby smell that you want to last forever. Well fast forward to 12 to 13 years later. All that sweetness and cuteness and baby smell is GONE.. There are so many things that people just don't tell you about teenage boys. Don't get me wrong, I love my two boys so much, and wouldn't trade them for the world, but why didn't someone put a warning label on boys!

Well I am here with your warning label. I have put together I list and explanation of every must know about teenage boys. Mind you, these are just the things that I have experienced in just 3 years. HERE WE GO!!!

1. The hugs and kisses and I Love You come to a stand still!

As they become older, mommy hugs and kisses come to a stop. I'm hoping its a temporary stop. Trying to get a hug from your teenage boy becomes more like a workout. By the time you get the hug (if you get the hug) you are so out of breath from trying to catch him and squeeze him that you just want to rest afterwards. Now the kisses, don't even attempt. Just don't!! The I Love You, is a hit and miss. I have always encouraged my kids that you should never say goodbye or goodnight without an I Love You because you never know if that is the last. Again with teenage boys, its a hit and miss. Some think its to embarrassing to say I Love you in front of his friends. DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!! He loves you and he will always love you!!

2. Say goodbye to a clean bathroom.

You thought you accomplished a lot when you finally got him potty trained. Not hardly, the real accomplishment is when you can get them to lift the toilet seat and actually pee in the toilet. You would think them being older and having better aim that they could hit the toilet instead of the back of it, or the floor in front of it. Sometimes you will even find the pee in the trash can. You can scold them a million times a day about this but for some reason the next time they use the restroom they have forgotten it all. Nothing like needing to pee really bad and running in the bathroom and you sit down to pee and realize you just sat on a toilet that either A. the seat is up and you have fallen in the toilet, or B. that you just sat on the seat covered in urine. At this point you had to pee so bad that you just finish your business and go on with your day..

3. Febreeze, Febreeze, Febreeze!!!!

Every piece of furniture that your teenage boys sits on, or puts his feet on will stink. Stock up on Febreeze. They don't mean to stink, because they can take three showers a day and still have THE SMELL. I can't explain why or how.. I can just tell you to stock up on Febreeze. The worst is their bedroom. You can vacuum, shampoo, wash bed sheets and curtains, and keep their clothes washed up, it doesn't matter. The smell will always return.

4. Your car is no longer your car!

Your car becomes his locker room. It's no longer your vehicle. It will smell and look like his locker room. You will find socks, cleats, athletic clothes, mouth pieces, chin straps, bags, and jerseys. They all stink and are ready for mom to take them from the car to the washing machine. Guess what, you will do it because you are his Mom and you love him.

5. Private Parts

Everyone has private parts, but only teenage boys have to always make it known. They are always tugging on their crotch and readjusting their junk. I don't want to see that, but guess what, I do, every single day. Their showers also become very long. I'm sure you can guess why. You might be saying to yourself "NOT MY SON".. Guess what, it's happening or will happen. My husband tells me it's only human for a boy to do that in the shower. It was hard for me to accept at first, but it is what it is.

6. Just Close Your Ears

The things that come out of their mouths can be awful. Teenage boys are hearing and learning so many things at this point in their lives. Cuss words slip out, farting sounds are now a joke, girls are now hot and sexy. You will hear about gross things happening in the locker room. They will repeat things that they never should of heard in the first place. You may being thinking at this point that you have failed as a parent. Just know, you are doing fine. I am a firm believer that Boys will be Boys and then they grow to become Men. Then well that is a whole different topic.

7. Condoms!!

Right now you are thinking that condoms is not something you have to worry about. WRONG!! They are going to get either curious, or they are having sex behind your back. In my case, thank goodness it w just him being curious. Recently I have been finding condoms in my sons room and bathroom. Open but not used. His reasoning was he was playing around with them. I was a little confused but okay! The good thing is, if they know what a condom is and what it is used for, then you are in good shape.( Apparently there is a condom challenge with water. Google it!!)

**These are my top 7 things to expect with a Teenage Boy!! I expect that there will be many more to come. I will keep you updated!!

© 2019 Monica Perry


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