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Ways to Show Love to Your Kids

Updated on July 30, 2014
Showing love for your child doesn't have to be hard.
Showing love for your child doesn't have to be hard. | Source

We all know we love our children. That's very obvious. But, when it comes to showing our love, even when we really do, it can be a difficult task for some. You can show love for your children in many different ways. Here are just a few suggestions and tips to help get you started.

Small Things to Show Your Love

Doing small things can be the biggest ways to show your children you are thinking of them and you love them. For example, if your child is school age and you pack their lunches, leave a small note in their lunchbag telling them something that you love about them. Do this every day for the whole school year.

Another idea for children who aren't in school or can't read is just simply tell them everyday. Tell your child when they get up in the morning "Good morning, <insert child's name here>! Did you know that I love you because <insert reason here>?" You are announcing your love for your child to them and it's sometimes amusing to hear their response.

Besides that, snuggle, kiss them, and hug them. Affection is a great way to show love for children (or anyone!)

Making your child feel special is a great way to show your love.
Making your child feel special is a great way to show your love. | Source

Make Children Feel Special

A great way to show you love your children is to make them feel special. This means that when they have something really important they want to say (even if you don't think it's that important) drop what you are doing and listen to them. Don't just listen with your ears. Listen with your body too. Act attentive.

If your child does something good, make a big deal out of it. Did your child go all day without getting in trouble? Let them know that you are proud of them. Give them a special reward for doing something wonderful. Even if it's as silly as because "they are the prettiest girl ever."

Showing Love in Unique Ways

Nothing says I love you by doing something you know your child will love. Get personal with the love showing. Recently, I had a conversation with my daughter about going to our local museum. It went something like this:

Me: Do you want to go to the museum soon? They have a real submarine that you can go on and explore!
Daughter: No, I just want a toy submarine.
Me: But this is a REAL submarine.
Daughter: Okay, but first I just want a toy one.

So this last weekend, I went on a weekend getaway to Seattle. I was looking around this store in a mall and noticed a cute submarine toy that was only $1.50. I remembered back to the conversation my daughter and I had about her wanting a toy submarine so I bought it for her. Something so inexpensive made my daughter so happy! She was also very happy that I remembered.

Spontaneous Activities

Some of the most memorable times that can be remembered are the times that weren't planned. As a mom, I know how hard it can be to drop everything and spontaneously go out or drop the cleaning and do a random activity, but doing so is a great way to show your love to your children.

If you wake up and notice it's hot outside, take a random trip to the beach or spend the day (or even afternoon) outside playing in the water!

If it's rainy outside, go to the store, buy some movie theater candy, and get something from Red Box or watch movies on Netflix!

Not only is this a great way to show your love to your children, but it's also a great way to have fun with your children.

Showing Love to Multiple Children

For households with more than one child, showing love can get difficult. It is typical for one child to feel that they are not as loved as their other siblings so showing love, especially in multi-chidren homes, is important.

One important thing to remember is that every child deserves and needs one on one time with their parents, alone and together. I grew up in a household where there was not only two children (myself and my sister) but we are also twins.

My mom had bought a cheap hourglass from a store and used it to have "talk time" with each of us. During that time, we could talk to her alone and exclusively. The other child was not allowed to interrupt that time (except for emergencies).

Another great idea to show love in a multi-child family is to have what we called the "special plate". This plate was different than all of our other dinner plates. During dinner, one child got to use the special plate. Then, everyone else had to go around and say what they love about that child. The next night, a different child got it.

Do you have a hard time showing your love?

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Those were just a few ways to show your child you love them. Above all else, make sure you let your child know verbally and with affection. Listen to your child, if they feel like you don't love them (besides because you won't give them what they want), something is wrong. Just because you are a parent, aunt, uncle, whatever, doesn't mean that your love for them is assumed. Showing them is very important.


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    • LagunaAlkaline profile image

      Amanda 4 years ago from Camas, WA

      Thanks khmazz!

    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 4 years ago from South Florida

      I loved this so much! Great advice! Well written! Voted Up!

    • LagunaAlkaline profile image

      Amanda 4 years ago from Camas, WA

      I totally agree! Children have this crazy way of knowing when it's genuine! Thanks for the tip!

    • recognizing102 profile image

      Alex J 4 years ago from Maryland

      I think this gives awesome ideas on how to show your children your love. I would also like to add, don't get comfortable. Don't say "I love you" just to say it without the passion behind it. Make sure your child sees it and understands it. Look him in the eye with a smile and tell him you love him.

    • LagunaAlkaline profile image

      Amanda 4 years ago from Camas, WA

      Thanks, SaffronBlossom! That is always great to hear. Thanks for taking the time to read my hubs!

    • SaffronBlossom profile image

      SaffronBlossom 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      You are such a great mom! And these are great tips...I get a lot out of what you write for the future when I have a baby of my own. :)

    • LagunaAlkaline profile image

      Amanda 4 years ago from Camas, WA

      Thank you for reading my hub!

    • ARUN KANTI profile image

      ARUN KANTI CHATTERJEE 4 years ago from KOLKATA

      Showing the kids how we love them is very important because that shows the parents do not just love they also care. My late elder brother used to prepare a a small memo slip even for his grown up children reminding them to do some routine jobs they might otherwise forget.Praising the kids for their performance in any subject is very essential for the purpose.Thank you for such a lovely hub.