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We are our Parents the Good Bad and Evil

Updated on July 15, 2010
My two young grandsons, future empire to the throne
My two young grandsons, future empire to the throne | Source

We are our Parents the Good Bad and Evil

A truer statement has never been said. I'm not sure where to start this story because I have so many thoughts running through my head right now.

If we just look at the now , whats going on in our lives its easy to get lost. If your a parent there is always some kind of an issue going on with your children. Do you just make spontaneous decisions or do you actually put some thought into your answer.

Kids between the age of 6 and 16 all have the the same mental attitude, me,me,me. When you try to explain discipline to these kids by telling a story about what it was like when you were a kid, it just falls on death ears, literately speaking.

Up to this point I haven't said you don't already know or haven't tried.

This story isn't about how to raise your kids, or those feelings of guilt because spank one of them to set an example, or anything else. This story is about you and those moments when your all alone and you have to ask yourself if you have done the right thing by your kids.

As I can remember getting my ass kicked by my dad it wasn't fun nor was there a great deal of though behind the ass whipping. I really don't think parents used to have a reason to smack their kids, only the right opportunity. If you have read any of blogs at all than you know a little about me already.

Its those brief moments that you spend with a parent or both if your lucky, when everything goes just right and this person(s) in front of you seems to be your best friend ever. I can't speak for the young females , because I have never been there. These moments were few and far between for me and I never understood much about my dad or mother. My dad was a iwo Jima Vet, and was meaner than hell for the few years I knew him at an early age. My mother lived on a farm in Underwood,Mn until she was about 21 years old and knew nothing about the world in front of her. There again this story is not about either one of them.

My best memories of my dad only happened in a small window of time between 1962 and 1964. After that I run away from Fergus Fall,Mn and hitch hiked back to Tampa,Fl to be with the lessor of the disciplined parent, my mother. I could do pretty much anything I wanted while living with her.

Kids do have a tendency to take advantage of the weaker parent when necessary to achieve an upper hand on them in order to selfishly have the freedom of movement around your so called friends.

Let me give you an example of one thing I got from each parent that I never thought I would ever do.

My Mother said to me several times while growing up" One day you are going to grow up get married and come back home." Well as you can just imagine after getting for the second time to my wife of today, we decided to move to my mothers property and build a house big enough for all of us. My wife and I had a little girl named Leah. We moved to the property and lived in a ghetto trailer that I paid 500.00 for it and it was a piece of crap.

We build a big two story house with mother in law quarters a very nice setup for both of us. The irony of this is that when my daughter was about 15 years old she run away from us for only her reasons that I kinda understood a little having done the same thing at the same age.

She told us in a very strained voice that country living was not for her and she wouldn't be back home to live. My daughter know has two boys of her own, married to a wounder young man studying to be a doctor. Her family know lives with us in the basement of our home in Georgia.They are in the process of moving into the new trailer we purchased while under construction of the new house. Life is so to the point if you can just take a moment not get to upset about things and let them take a course that is needed.

My dad give me a gift that I have had all the time whether I wanted it or not, the curse of the Norwegian. Hard headed people with a meaning of life that is sometimes a little different than some of you. My love of vintage guns and a firm appreciation of the wilderness and all its inhabits. Now I have a grand son who I'm grooming for my replacement, he has no idea what treasures I plan to leave him and the difference it will make in his life. We are not born loving or hating anything of life, but learned by our parents in the first few short years just after birth.

My life has come full circle in its meaning of family, I'm my dad and my mom just in different ways and my kids are me with the same attitude that once surrounded my life. I have a better understanding of almost everything that happens to me or others in my circle of life.

My dad died many years ago of a massive heat attack and my mom still lives in a nursing home in Waynesville,NC at age 94. We are all at piece now and I have to tell stories to the young to keep the elders alive and well.

Thank you my friends for all your support


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