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What To Do With Kids In The Summer

Updated on September 14, 2011

Whether you have your own kids or whether you look after someone else's, the summer is coming and they will want entertaining. Get planning now and start thinking about what to do with kids in the summer. Hopefully you will not be needing kids rain boots but either way there are some great ideas out there.

It is often left to the last minute but the best thing to do is plan early. Now is a good time. Just a few minutes thinking about how to keep your kids occupied this summer will safe a lot of tears and disappointment later on.

Here are my four top ideas for what to do with kids in the summer...

Back Yard Water Fun

What child doesn't enjoy a good splash about with water in the summer? Its the ideal way to cool off and have fun at the same time. If you have a big back yard so much the better. Set up some fun water activities and watch them occupy themselves while you sit back with a nice cold drink.

Maybe you remember as a kid sliding along on a sheet of polythene sprayed with water. What fun that used to be. Now you can order your very own water slides that can be used over and over providing endless fun for your kids.

There are hose attachments that spray water in different patterns that your kids will love, especially the smaller ones. Running, dodging, jumping through water really gets them going and they stay cool in the sun too! Just take extra care in the hot sun and use recommended sun creams to protect their skin.

If you don't have a big back yard then do some research on water parks that may be near to you. You can spend the whole day at most water parks with food provided, picnic areas if you take your own provisions. They are generally well maintained and staffed by trained life guards.

There are so many things you can do with water to keep kids busy through the summer. Here are some more great ideas for things to get for your back yard.

Check This Out!

Maine Coon Cat
Maine Coon Cat | Source
Lava Cat
Lava Cat | Source

Face Painting

This is a great idea whether it be indoors or outdoors. Kids love make believe and they also love dressing up and looking funny. Face painting is something they can have a go at themselves by painting each other's faces or have a grown up paint for them.

Either way, face painting is a winner when thinking about what to do with kids in the summer. The images shown are from a very useful website - Face Painting Fun. Here you can find out everything you need to know about face painting and get some good tips and ideas for what to paint. There are loads of photos, videos, ideas and a friendly face behind the website to offer good face painting advice. Just look at these cool examples from their site. I wouldn't expect a child to be able to do this but visit the Face Painting Fun website and you can learn how.

People in my street had a 'street party' for the royal wedding this month (Prince William and Kate Middleton). What a turn out there was and the face painting corner was a BIG hit with the kids. In the end they were painting each other and getting in a right mess. The point is, they loved it! The paints are easy to clean and they are safe, so there there is no need to worry about eyes and mouths. Obviously there may be an age limit you would impose for a full face job but the very little ones can enjoy this too.

Fire Breathing Dragon
Fire Breathing Dragon | Source

Bubble Trouble

Something else that kids like is bubbles, lots of bubbles. This summer when they are out and about playing in the garden use a bubble maker to inject a little extra fun into their games. Especially if you have a pet dog they will all soon be running and jumping around trying to pop or eat the bubbles in the air.

There are som really good bubble machines out there and you don't have to spend a lot either. Some of the best ones are often the cheap hand-held bubble makers, often sold on markets. However, if you want something more robust that will last, go for something a bit bigger that can be left on a flat surface so you can simply turn it on and watch.

You can get bottles of bubble mixture pre-mixed but you may find that ordinary washing up liquid mixed with water does the job just as well. Saves a few pennies too!

Fly A Kite

What to do with kids in the summer... Still thinking? Why not fly a kite? Kites have been a source of fun for kids and adults for many years. They started off as the traditional diamond shape with a long string attached but these days there are some awesome modern kites. They don't have to be expensive either. Its surprisingly easy to get a kite up and flying.

It may be a good idea to start off with something basic for younger children to see if they are interested or 'in to it'. Then maybe look at some of the stunt kites you can get, or push the boat out and get something that's really big and fun on a windy day. Maybe that is for the adults though - they can be strong and difficult to hold on to!

See How Easy This Really Is

Hopefully you have been inspired and no longer have to think about what to do with kids in the summer, as now you have some cool ideas. If you are still not sure about what your kids might enjoy doing, take a look at this book. It is crammed full of easy ideas to keep your little ones busy this summer. From arts & crafts to back yard camping - this book has it all.

Whatever you do with your kids, take care, have fun and be safe!


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