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When Naysayers Strike

Updated on October 20, 2012

Some Days I Feel Like This

Blocking out the negative
Blocking out the negative

When Doing Something Good is Wrong

I recently wrote a hub on bullying. It happens daily. But what happens to those who stand against bullying? Are they heroes? Are they respected?

So far in my experience the answer is no. When is it wrong to stand up for someone in need? Evidently it is wrong in the town I live in. My daughter stepped out of her comfort zone to take a up the cause of a young girl she didn't even know. That brought national press to a small town. It shouldn't be an issue. The town rallied behind the young girl when they heard what had happened. The town did nothing wrong and everything right.

The fallout is still coming. My daughter has become a pariah. People who don't know her are warning others to stay away from her. People who have never met her, are saying she has a dark side. Which just proves her point that bullying in this town has run rampant.

It is not affecting me as much. I have been retired from the schools for two years. I have no need to go there. I have friends in town, parents, and grandparents who still seek me out for advice. I will survive anything they can throw at me. It's when they start in on my former students I get irate. Or when you are attacking the one person who stood up for this young girl to begin with.

Do not attack my child, my grandchildren, or my students. Many of those students who have become adults and look up to me, I still consider my students. I will continue to go the extra mile for them. I earned their respect. I give them respect. But don't start attacking them. I will go that extra mile to protect them from you.

There are naysayers whenever someone steps up. That goes with the territory. However with the number of teens committing suicide over bullying these days it's become an epidemic. Someone has to be their voice. Someone has to show them they matter, not just to family and friends but it the big scheme of things. I believe the naysayers are those who are jealous because they didn't do the right thing. They didn't step up when they had a chance. They want the person who stepped up to fall. What a shame.

Keep Plugging Your Ears

Don't listen to what they say
Don't listen to what they say

Do What You Know is Right

It's easy to say forget the naysayers. It's harder to actually do it. They want to be heard. They will get in your face,on your Facebook page, Twitter, text, or any other social network you are connected with. They are entitled to their opinions. Just as you are entitled to yours.

It hurts to hear someone you love or care about run down and degraded. Bite your tongue. Don't retaliate. That's exactly what they want. Don't get sucked in or down to their level. Stand tall, be did the right thing.

You will find ten years from now when you are successful these same people with their small minds will still be in the same place. They will not have grown or changed. The sad thing is they could have. But they have chosen not to. Your path will lead you to greater things and you will be remembered.

I understand it's not about fame and fortune. It's about doing what's right. It's about making a difference in a positive way. It's about paving the way for others to succeed. It's about keeping teens alive if for no other reason than to give them the satisfaction of saying, "I Survived!" For every child who deals with bullies and chooses to take their life, there are others out there still struggling. Those are the ones you need to reach.

How are you making a difference? A random act of kindness? Tutoring someone who is struggling in school? Being a friend to someone who is different? Reaching out to someone in need? Whatever way you choose to make a difference, do it in a positive way. Smile it goes a long way to the start of something good. Find the new person at school or work and reach out to them. Don't listen to the naysayers, you'll find them, but you'll be better off for having done the right thing.


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