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Getting Pregnant is a not an Inherent right neither being a Mother

Updated on July 15, 2014

The multi faceted job description of a Mother

The moment…

Motherhood is the most prolific and self sacrificing profession in the whole world. To give birth and gaze lovingly on a new life produced partly from your flesh and blood , to feel the warmth sweet breath fanning on your face, yawning innocently as a blind bat safely tucked in your protective embrace is the most defining moment in the life of a woman. But not everyone who gives birth, is ready to have a child, much less wants to keep the child and be a Mother. Many children are born out of lust, incompetence, foolishness and rape.

If you have the choice to control the timeline before the baby is even conceived, would you avail of it? Yes you should, all potential Mothers must plan the arrival of their babies before it is even being conceived. Once you are a Mother you shall be solely responsible for the welfare and upkeep of that new life you created in your womb. Spreading your legs without thinking ahead of the consequences is sheer irresponsibility and stupidity.

Giving birth is a start of a new milestone in your life. Your child is your top priority instead of your own dreams and ambitions. To mold a child into someone you will be proud of, growing up surrounded with love, learning empathy and confidence, with morals and conviction is the life long mission of a Mother. When the child reaches maturity his actions will be guided by the the conglomerate of factors of childhood experiences, the kind of environment that influence his social upbringing. The success and failure of your children shall reflect back on the parents.

Ideal Father ( Breeder)

First order of battle is to find the right breeder possessing the most brilliant and healthy genes to perpetuate your bloodline, someone whom you also truly love and care for. Hence it is important to plan ahead of time. Would you wish to give birth to a sick or deformed, mentally incapacitated child? Physical traits, habits, talent, attitudes, mental faculties and emotional quotient are all incorporated in the DNA of the father and Mom. Our genes hold the blueprint of what shall we pass down to our children. Diseases, aberrant behavior and criminal tendencies are also encoded in our DNA, therefore it is important to find a breeder which shall further upgrade your bloodline. Be wise and prudent, do not copulate with a daft, the world is such a cruel and harsh place, spare giving birth to a meek child.

The right to become a Mother

To become a Mother is not an inherent right of every woman on this planet. Giving birth to a child is not a privilege for every child bearing age female out there, you know why? Because having a child does not come cheap. To bring forth a child into this world is a luxury and not every woman on the planet can afford such luxury. To have a child is an expensive luxury, and not every woman has the financial capability, much less the tenacity, perseverance and patience to give birth, raise the child, finance its education and upkeep until it reach legal age. Subsequently even if the kid reached adulthood, it does not forfeit the moral obligation and responsibility of the Mother to guide her grown up daughter or son while they are busy building their own lives. The responsibility of the mom does not cease even if your kids are already married.

Having a stable Job

It is important for every woman who intends to get pregnant to have her own source of income. Do not be dependent on your husband for financial support and upkeep of the baby. Your financial stability is an assurance that the future of the unborn baby is secure in your hands. Husbands are not reliable stock to rely upon when raising a family. They are fickle minded, unfocused, unreliable and lacks foresight, except for a few dedicated Dads who will risk and do anything to protect their kids from harm.

The truth about pregnancy and giving birth

Pregnancy goes several stages, on the first trimester which extend up to the end of the fourth month most likely a pregnant woman will experience morning sickness, the severity depends on each individual. The first trimester is the most crucial stage of development of the developing fetus. The expectant Mom should avoid stress and getting sick for it will affect the Physiological and psychological make up of the unborn fetus growing in her womb.

Miscarriage or threatened abortion can occur at any stage of the pregnancy due to health complication, barring accidents. The physical pain i excruciating compared to giving birth. The invasive internal examination and medical procedure will give you trauma. Feelings of guilt will linger for several months or years depending on your built in coping mechanism or how fast you get pregnant again.

Do not get pregnant unless it is a teamwork project between you and your husband. Do not get pregnant only to please your husband.

Physical Changes

It will be your lean tummy that shall be littered permanently with hideous stretch marks, not your husband. It will be your breasts that shall be permanently turn into drooping papaya or watermelon or half blown balloon.

It will be your tummy that shall be filled with fats and will sag. Your legs will loss its good muscle mass and will be filled with cellulite. Your once attractive thrusting and firm buttocks will turn into a flat tire. And finally you will gain weight looking like a beach whale. Are you ready to take a chance and brave the outcome?

Rare cases do we see women are lucky to be carrying good genes, whereby giving birth have enhanced their body shape. The once thin nondescript body shapes has transformed into a curvaceous object de Art that invite admiring glances from the male population and envious stare from overweight women.

Getting pregnant

All female readers of child bearing age, who desires to be a Mom next year, or in the not so distant future, please think many, many, many times if you are ready to give up your nice shaped body once you will give birth. The transformation is certain beyond reasonable doubt that your body will go through a process of permanent biological changes as soon as the life growing inside you womb is getting bigger. The changes could be for the better or for the worse. Are you willing to take a chance and brave the outcome?

Be sure you are emotionally and mentally ready to be a Mother. You will be the one to experience the labor pains, alone. It will be your tummy who shall bear the surgical scar just in case you will undergo a caesarian section, not them. Follow your heart and be guided by your intuition.

Once you are a Mother, you will be taking that big leap of faith that your man will still look at you like a sexy goddess despite of the physical transformation and the downgrading of your otherwise terrific body shape.

Never give in to the pressure of other people or your family, it is your choice and yours alone. Babies is not a a commodity to barter, it is a big responsibility of a lifetime.


Do not bear or adopt a child unless you are married. Children are mean to be brought into this world with a complete set of parents. A family unit is composed of a Mom and a Dad. Spare the child the agony and mental torture growing up in a life filled with uncertainty.. Children from dysfunctional families lack the love, nurture and attention that they need. A child deserves the best in life. How can we produce a better responsible society if the children grew up in a set up where commitment, loyalty, stability and permanence is absent.

Ideal characteristics of a Good Mother

Becoming a mom is not only limited to the fact of giving birth to a child. Any rational and financially able woman of legal age with no past criminal convictions, not into drugs or drinking binge can be a Mom provided she has the purest intention to nurture the child, tenacious, patient and dedicated. She has the option to forego pregnancy and be an instant Mom by going through the process of adoption, or become a foster parent to orphan, abused and abandoned children. If she has abundance of love, patience, empathy to share the better.

The responsibilities attach with Motherhood

Motherhood has no expiration date, you cannot tender your resignation nor can you back out from your job position. There are no fringe benefits like vacation and sick leave, and even when your children have reached the legal age, you are still bound to them for life. You will continue to influence and guide them even after they get married and have families of their own.

Motherhood is inclusive of financing the children’s education until they are finished in college, providing health care, giving moral and emotional support on the child’s life. Be their spiritual teacher to guide and teach them right from wrong. To love the children unconditionally, even if they transgressed repeatedly, and to teach them discipline, so they will grow up not spoiled and be responsible adults.

When is the right time to have a child?

Middle 20's is not the ripe age yet to enter into a contract where it entails having kids. You are not yet emotionally mature, not financially stable too, meaning you haven't set aside a nesting egg yet in case their is famine or apocalypse. You have not done pursuing your dreams, achieve what you wanted to be, go to places you wanted to visit. In other words, once you have kids, you will be stuck up in an ether, the priorities will be the raising of the kids. Your own life will take a back set, so is the life of your partner.

When you are in your 30s, you have reached the mature age, and has set aside your nesting egg. You have traveled far and wide, explored the places you want to see. You have pursued your dreams and interest , you realized your self worth and potential. Now is the right time to take a back set, relax and consider the possibility of becoming a Mom with the cooperation of your soul mate.



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