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When to start disciplining your Child?

Updated on May 4, 2011

How to discipline the foetus?

The righteous thoughts of parents and others at home also affect the mind of the foetus. This righteous environment positively affects the physical and mental growth of the foetus. Read anything from Sant literature like Jnaneshwari, Bhagawat Geeta and Eknathi Bhagawat. Read the stories of Saints and deities. Please do not read the literature like detective stories, which may poison the mind. Also, do not view scenes like fighting or bloodshed on the channels which may instigate fear, sorrow or anger.

If the pregnant woman wants the qualities of any Deity, saint or valiant persons tobe imbibed in her child, she should meditate by keeping idols or photographs of Deity, saint or valiant persons in front of her. She can also give some necessary auto-suggestions at the end of the meditative session. She should chant the name of God. The mother’s food, movements, thoughts and wishes affect the foetus and create an impression on it also.

Children should be named with good and meaningful word

Instead of naming your babies after meaningless names from here and there e.g. heta, Pintu, Bunty, it is beneficial to name the baby as per the Shastra (Spiritual Science) of Namakaran Vidhi (Naming Ceremany). The name affects a person’s mind, behaviour and then life in turn. Hence, the Dharma has stipulated that the names of babies should be based on their varna (Class). Since the time a child is conceived, its name is determined like its sex. Shabda, Ras, Roop, Gandh and Sparsh - these ingredients exist together, and we do not know whether the name of a child is as per its Roop. Spiritually evolved people know about this. If we do not meet them, Jyotish shastra(Astrology) can guide us about which name is suitable for our child.

A girl not able to remember her name in the school

A girl’s name by which she was called at home and her name as per the attendance register in school were different. The parents used to call her “Namita” and her name in the school was “Smita”. The girl could not respond to her call of attendance since she was not even aware of her name in the register. When her name was called, the expressions on her face were blank. Her parents did not bother to take any corrective steps. When the girl was promoted to an upper class, she still did not respond to her name in the school register as she had developed dislike for this name. Finally the parents had to effect the change in the name registered in school by submitting an affidavit.

Children getting confused due to affectionate use of meaningless names at home

Some guardians call their wards by meaningless nicknames to show their love like Pinky, Vicky, Dolly, Pintu, etc.Since they are in growing age, these kids do not respond if somebody calls them by their real names at school and they get confused. The guardians do not take any corrective action despite being requested. Many guardians continue to call the kids by the same names even when they are grown up. The kids themselves do not understand why it is so. - A seeker.


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