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Baby Girl Nursery Themes: Garden Decor

Updated on July 10, 2014

Sophia's Garden Nursery Set

A lot of baby girl nursery themes are made up of frilly, lacy girlie-girl pink decorations, but not every parent wants a frilly pink nursery for their baby girl.

This bedding set proves that you don't have to be covered in pink to be feminine. The greens and browns in this nursery set provide the perfect background for the pink dragonflies and flowers. The contrasting colors work together to create a delightful scene that will capture your babies eye and let loose their imagination.

Everything you need for your baby girls nursery!

This 10 piece set gives you everything you need to bring your baby girls garden nursery to life:

The decorative quilt, the pale pink fitted crib sheet and green flowered crib skirt are 200 thread count and made with 100% cotton. All are made to fit a standard baby crib.

What sets this quilt apart from other bedding sets is the fact that the 2 flowers and the two dragonflies are embroidered on (instead of just printed onto the fabric).

This one piece bumper pad has multiple ties at both the top and the bottom to tie it securely to your daughters crib. Each pink flower is embroidered onto the green background and the entire thing is framed in chocolate brown.

No nursery is complete without a musical mobile. This mobile matches everything else in the bedding set and easily attaches to the crib with a clamp. With just a few twists, the soft music from this wind-up mobile will send your daughter to sleep with thoughts of dancing flowers twirling in her head.

A nursery with bare walls can't be called a themed nursery. These 3 wall hangings will give her nursery that little extra umph! Measuring 11"x 11", each is embroidered with either a flower or a dragonfly and hangs and stylishly from a piece of ribbon.

This nursery bedding set comes with one window valance measuring 15"x 39". If your daughters nursery has more than one window, you can order another one (or more) down below).

To keep diapers close at hand and easily accessible, this matching diaper stacker is perfect. Not only does it make changing diapers easier, it also helps keep the clutter down by allowing you to throw away the ugly plastic diaper bag after you pile the diapers in the stacker.

Here's a few extras

Although this bedding set is enough to complete your daughters nursery, it wouldn't hurt to add a few extra matching accessories.

Add that finishing touch to your baby girls nursery

Pam Grace Creations Sophia8217;s Garden Lamp Shade
Pam Grace Creations Sophia8217;s Garden Lamp Shade

Finish off your daughters nursery with this matching lamp shade. You'll have to buy the lamp base separately.

Pam Grace Creations Hamper, Sophia's Garden
Pam Grace Creations Hamper, Sophia's Garden

This matching clothes hamper will hold all your baby girls dirty clothes!

Pam Grace Creations Sophia8217;s Garden Valance
Pam Grace Creations Sophia8217;s Garden Valance

Don't forget to get an extra valance if you need one!


What color crib would look best?

This is one of the few times that I don't have a straight answer to that. The contrasting colors in this garden bedding set are very versatile. I would say either get baby furniture made of very dark wood, or get baby furniture that's painted white. Anything in between just wouldn't make the colors pop.

Crib in Dark Wood

Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso
Stork Craft Tuscany 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso

A crib and furniture made of dark wood will make emphasize the deep chocolate color in the bedding and really make it pop.


Which do you prefer?

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More Fun Nursery Themes for Girls

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What's your favorite nursery theme?

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      Gerald McConway 6 years ago

      Nice lens, especially since you are just starting out! Keep it up and join some forums or groups that offer tips to help improve your lenses. I am on several Facebook and LinkedIn networks that have helped quite a bit. Great work!

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      June Parker 6 years ago from New York

      Welcome to Squidoo. Nicely done new lens on nursery themes. Keep it up by creating more.