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Back to school tips for parents

Updated on November 5, 2011

Holiday is coming to an end and kids has almost forgot everything about the daily routine of getting up early for school, doing homework and all this stuff. How can parents prepare for school and make a smooth transition from the "extreme playing mood" to the more discipline-based environment of studying?

  • Begin to get them used for going to bed early again a few days before school starts. Kids hate to end the holiday and get back to studying again. Try to focus on the positive things like getting back to their friends at school, knowing new friends and new activities.
  • Start shopping for school early before it starts. Shopping for school bags, etc two weeks before school may be enough, you can start earlier if you want. This way you can avoid crowding and stressing yourself and also prepares the kids emotionally for school.

Kids need to play from time to time
  • Make sure that your kids are eating healthy food containing enough vitamins and essential nutritious substances and fresh juice.
  • Try to keep in touch with the school and teachers and about what your kids are studying so you can help them in their homework and keep an eye on their performance at school.
  • Help them to prepare and organise their backpacks, it should only contain the necessary books and subjects of the next day.
  • Remember the importance of breakfast and try to make it one of the consistent habits in their life.
  • A separate room should be specified for studying away from the living room and TV.
  • Ask about their friends and try to know them personally, you can also invite their friends home to make sure that your kids are not hanging with the wrong crowd.
  • Listen to their troubles and be patient with them, help them to solve these problems and build trust by dealing with them as responsible individuals, listening to your kids and discussing their problems is very important in this age.


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