stuck between two friends i love dearly...

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    SorenReinardposted 8 years ago

    need advice on how i can deal with this as it's tearing me apart. i have two very dear and close friends, that i love and would do anything for. both were also amazing friends with each other, and our trio was as tight as the three muskateers. Well one of them (alpha i'll call her) met a guy (JM), who she likes but isnt quite sure or ready for a relationship - while that guy is. It so happens this guy has been flirty and talking to another girl as much as he has with alpha, which alpha doesnt know about. My other best friend, Beta, knew about this - she talked to all parties and suggested they be honest with each other, particularly JM to tell him he shouldnt play around with these girls and be honest of his feelings and intentions with them both - afterall he came across as a great guy. Anyways, drama ensued and alpha and JM are still good friends, but now she's upset at beta. Our trio is drifting...JM keeps telling Beta that she shouldnt have been nosey and stepped over her lines. Alpha been mad about this guy is brainwashed by him, and talking her out of it is impossible. I agree that Beta maybe should have let everyone continue living on their clouds of illusion and stayed away to avoid trouble....but when you look at it from her perspective, what she did was tryin to make sure nobody got hurt in the long run. Now she looks bad, and i'm the only one supporting her...Alpha still cares for me as much, and i do for her too, but i care just as much for Beta. So i find myself in a position where the three of us are not as tight anymore or wont be in does one deal with such a situation?

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    AskAskShay1posted 8 years ago

    i understand how you feelmi have been there before and lost one of my friend but the other we are still close my best advice for this is to give her some time she will come around butif not then conutine being friends with the other and stop stressing yourself out about it okay..
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