Help for the daughter-n-law.

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    Lotsofkids47posted 10 years ago

    I'm hoping someone can help me help my daughter-n-law thats in an abusive relationship. My son moved her and the five grandchildren down to southern Illinois to be near his deceased fathers family. My daughter-n-law is begging for our help to get her and the kids up here to central Illinois to try and get a small piece of property to move two trailers on so we can hook them together and live as a family and help her raise the grandkids right. We are on a limited income. My husband gets disability of 623.00 a month so we can't help her finnancially but we could help her physically and emotionally, she has no one else to help her but us. Her parents are divorced and her dad moved to arizona and remarried and won't help her. Her mother sold her house and is moving out west also to be with her own mother. Her mother told her to stick it out even knowing how bad it is because of the kids and her brother is in the military and was shipped out. Here is the worst of it: My son is mean mentally and physically to her and the kids. One child has adhd and needs to see a dr. up here in champaign so she has to make several trips up here a month sometimes at 130-135 miles one way and gas is not getting any cheaper, even then she has to scrape up the money for gas and when she can't she has to cancel the appts.One of the girls has an intestinal problem she is having to deal with also. He takes her mini van and leaves his truck so she can't go anywhere. He threatens her with not paying the rent if she don't do what he wants. So you see we are trying to get her and the kids up here so we can live together and get the kids a proper education and teach them religion. My husband and I are disabled but we are willing to help her all we can. if anyone can help please e-mail me

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    Sangay Glassposted 10 years ago

    It is nice to see a mother in law taking the side of her abusive son’s wife, but…

    If you really want help, it’s best to get it from someone in person, not on the internet as both parties ( the person querying and the good samaritan) could become possible victims of scammers.

    Getting away from an abusive partner can be dangerous.

    Get your daughter in law help through a abuse victim’s hotline. They will tell you the steps to take from there.

    If you can find HubPages… you can find a reliable and trustworthy abuse agency.

    Good Luck