God Alone Determines The Gender Of A Child?

  1. ngureco profile image84
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    God Alone Determines The Gender Of A Child?

    Whether a boy or a girl, a child is a child and both are equal. What do you say?

  2. Uninvited Writer profile image83
    Uninvited Writerposted 8 years ago

    Determining the sex of a child is all down to chromosomes.

    "The nuclei of human cells contain 22 autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes. In females, the sex chromosomes are the 2 X chromosomes. Males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. The presence of the Y chromosome is decisive for unleashing the developmental program that leads to a baby boy. "

    I'm sure most parents will be happy with whatever sex their child is. I don't like people messing around with trying to determine their child's sex before conception.