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Autism and immunizations. Who believes children have too many shots at young a

  1. tooblessed5 profile image49
    tooblessed5posted 8 years ago

    Autism and immunizations.  Who believes children have  too many shots at young ages these day

    I have 3 kids ages 14,8,4.  My 8 and 4 yr old are both autistic.  They both acted very differently after getting the immunizations.  I just wish I knew of autism and other dissabilities so I could have been more careful with the immunizations.  These kids get injected so many time with different medication all at once and it is just too much for some of these little ones to handle.

  2. It's just me profile image61
    It's just meposted 8 years ago

    I have 7 kids, and the  2 youngest are my sons with Asperger's Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder. Yes I believe tha it was caused by thier inoculations. They had far more than the older kids at a much younger age. I've written a couple of hubs on the things we go through.

  3. G.L.A. profile image80
    G.L.A.posted 8 years ago

    I believe that you are so right!!!  They are injecting these small children with way too much, and way too soon! Sadly, though,  there's little we can do about it. Officials refuse accountability, and will continue to do so because to admit that mulit-vaccines cause autism would render liability for countless lawsuits... There was a time not that long ago, when approx. 1 in 20,000 births resulted in autism. Today 1 of every 150 births will result in diagnosis of autism by the third year of life.. AFTER all those vaccines have been administered. At this rate, within 50 years, ALL children will suffer from some level of autism..

  4. writer83 profile image60
    writer83posted 8 years ago

    I do. for example the new H1N1 injection , has it had time to be properly researched? I think not. The H1N1 virus, is it really so bad for kids? Also my son has very forceful behaviour, and I can't help but think that the injections and drops that were given on a plate could have played a part.....

  5. Actioncameron profile image57
    Actioncameronposted 8 years ago

    I have had a bad feeling about childhood shots for many years now. I have a 14 year old daughter that we have managed by pure tenacity to keep her un-vaccinated. She has had no shots ever. All of those mandated vaccines we dodged were about childhood disease. We are now through it and her immunity bank account is still healthy. I'm very grateful but it did take alot of reading and being prepared in case she came in contact with mumps or measles. As it turns out she has been in contact with all these virus's at one time or another and never got any of them. If a lab would allow me to test her titer count I think I would see she had her immune response and has now got that immunity. getting the support of your Family PHD is pretty much a fantasy. Vaccine issue can eat away at your soul if you let it. I just say no and I am the final word as her Mom. Either that or keep her out of school the day they are shooting them up.