farrah, what do you think about those who have children early AND late?

  1. escritor profile image60
    escritorposted 8 years ago

    farrah, what do you think about those who have children early AND late?

    You didn'y leave a comment space on your hub.

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    farrah carterposted 8 years ago

    How could I not have addressed this, coming from that parent, myself!  Not having to give it much thought, I can say confidently that those who choose to have children both early in life and later in life are the smart ones! 

    My sister and I are exactly ten years and one month apart, she being the eldest.  Subsequently, my mother had a built-in babysitter!  For that reason alone, I think she is genius!  The time span between children definitely worked to her advantage in that regard.   

    It is a joke within our family that I really grew up having two mothers, and that holds true even today.  My sister, who I also consider a great friend, is very motherly to me and acts as though she needs to take care of me and make sure I am okay.  Perhaps all sisters share that, as I do essentially feel the same way for her, but she tends to act in more of a responsible-for-me fashion.

    By the time my sister started having children slightly over ten years after I was born, I turned into her built-in babysitter.  Now that I have children, my sister is in her forties with her own children gone, so she finds herself babysitting yet again.  Wow, I never realized what a cycle it has been until now!