hi i whant to find out about adoption

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    tweety69posted 7 years ago

    hi i whant to find out about adoption

    i would like to fine out what i have to do to apply to adopt a young child or a baby or any age

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    GennaMGLposted 7 years ago

    there are different types of adoption. cloosed this meand the adopted parents are told nothing about bio parents. semi open means adopt are tol general info on bio parents, and bio parents can have some con tact w the child. open means adopt parents know all bout bio parents. bio parents play more of a part in childrens lives. there is also international adoptions. this means adoptiong a child from a diff country, that means u have to spend a certiant amount of time in that country. there is also domestic adoptions. these happen in the u.s. hope that helps