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suppose a father is a drunk and by being thus, neglects his duties as a father t

  1. sikaruku profile image68
    sikarukuposted 7 years ago

    suppose a father is a drunk and by being thus, neglects his duties as a father towards the...

    family. How best would you advise the children and their mother towards saving their family?

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    tryoneposted 7 years ago

    You're basing this around him being drunk instead of being a father not doing anything and this is two different logic of perspective.

    Many have fathers that do his drinking and still when sober contribute to the house.

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    aheilposted 7 years ago

    I would advise you to check out:

    http://developyourlife.net/addiction/al … tions.html

    It has all you need to know about alcohol and other things. Something else you might want to look at is:


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    SpaceAgeposted 7 years ago

    yes, i even had 2 leave when both my drunken parents abused/neglected me. cps stepped right in after 13 yrs & rescued me. my parents didn't want 2 send me any clothes w/ the social worker until the sheriff came out & threatened them w/ arrest if they didn't comply. my parents were BOTH self-centered drunkards who didn't care 4 us kids, & they even killed my sister 2 yrs B4 my birth. there were many times when i nearly died in their care. it was a miracle i survived & live 2 tell what really happened behind closed doors. alcohol really does make ppl do things they really won't when sober. it wasn't until my early adulthood that some 1 explained 2 me the right way 2 use alcohol in a proper manner. she was attending law enforcement classes 2 become a cop. she explained 2 me that u can use something like a seagrams once every 6 mos 4 health maintenance, (which she did). she explained that the way if used right & not abused, alcohol can have actually good benefits. i learned just how right she was when i had bronchitis & didn't have insurance, or a way 2 pay medical expenses. a friend of mine told me about how dr's gave up on him when he was a baby, & his desperate dad gave him a teaspoonful of whisky that saved his life. on my turn, i discovered how a teaspoonful of a certain type of brandy got rid on bronchitis in a matter of hrs after taken. there's a right way, & a wrong way 2 use alcohol. when ppl like my parents misused it, it caused them 2 abuse me when they wouldn't do it sober. i saw them sober, & i saw them drunk. when ppl go 2 far w/ alcohol, it'll rule. when used properly, the proper user rules it. it's not the alcohol that's dangerous; it's what we do w/ it that matters. when innocent lives r involved, we must take responsibility 2 care 4 those entrusted 2 us. when we have such a big responsibility, we must assure our lifestyles allow us 2 do our absolute best in caring 4 those entrusted 2 us