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tryin to put ur baby on bottle

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    kalid11posted 10 years ago

    hi my name is Kalisa>and i am breestfeeding my baby he is 6 and a half months now>and i wanna try put him on bottle not permanently but both!!but when i try he won't drink it juss will chew on tha nipple>hmmsmile

  2. sminut13 profile image71
    sminut13posted 10 years ago

    there are some nipples that the baby won't want to drink from, from what i know. those cheaper ones you know. if they don start young, they won't want to drink from them, i heard that avent nipples are like mother's so y don't you buy those bottles and try. it will take some time for them. it could also be the hold in the teats are small and milk is not comin fast enough to satisfy your baby. and sometimes  you gotta be patient cos the baby might jus be playin with the teats. so you might need to shake the bottle at times to get the baby to drink or use your finger under the baby's chin to prompt him/her to drink. for me, i started immediately after he was born, so i didn't have trouble. and i bought the cheap bottles so didn't have to buy the avent bottles. even now, he's drinkin from the bottle and he's already 4 now. hehe he's quit drinkin mine a few months back. hope this helps.

  3. caspar profile image64
    casparposted 10 years ago

    Lela has written a great hub on this topic:

    http://hubpages.com/hub/How_to_Start_Bo … _Your_Baby

    One of my babies would not take a bottle either.  I was really worried that if I became ill and couldn't feed her, she would starve!  I tried using a trainer cup (with a lid and spout) from about 6 months.  She didn't take much milk, but at least she would take a little, whereas she wouldn't suck a bottle teat at all.

  4. sminut13 profile image71
    sminut13posted 10 years ago

    lol i have a friend who's experiencing similar problems to you caspar. thing is her daughter's already one and she doesn't want the bottle. so what the mother has done is to spoon feed her basically. make the milk, put it in the spoon n feed. the daughter finishes that way. hehe it's tough though